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Wyoming Report

Voters in the Cowboy State strongly back a candidate who seeks to protect natural areas and public lands while proceeding with energy development.  Worried about the low level of water in rivers, they also flatly reject diversions.

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Conservation in the West Poll Wyoming Press Release- February 13th, 2014

Pro-conservation candidates are strongly supported by Wyoming voters.

  • In this deep red state, voters support candidates who want to spur more oil and gas development while simultaneously expressing support for protections of public lands and tax incentives for working lands.  Nearly as many are more supportive of a candidate backing wind and solar.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, Wyoming voters are much LESS inclined to vote for a candidate who supports selling public lands in order to reduce the budget deficit. Fully 71% would be less likely to support a candidate who took this position.
  • One possible reason for this intensely negative response?  Fully 85% of Cowboy State voters say that the closure of public lands during last year’s government shutdown hurt Wyoming small businesses and the economy of nearby communities.


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