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New Mexico Report

The Land of Enchantment, with its significant Latino voting bloc, indicates that conservation has the power to sway voters there positively, as they continue to be concerned about water and express a strong affinity to public lands.


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Conservation in the West Poll New Mexico Press Release- February 13th, 2014

New Mexico voters underscore that public lands are important to them …

  • They are the most likely to reject the sale of public lands as a means to reducing the federal budget deficit (78% oppose). 
  • 94% of voters report having visited public lands in the last year. 
  • Over two-thirds (68%) say they are more likely to vote for a Congressional candidate who supports protection of public lands.
  • One-in-four (26%) say the closures of public lands left them “annoyed” and an equal number (25%) were “angry.”
  • Fully 82% say that funding for public lands should not be cut, as it provides a big return for a small investment.”
  • 75% say they are less likely to vote for a candidate who proposes the sale of federal lands and 61% have the same reaction for a candidate who reduces funding for federal land management agencies.


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