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Arizona Report

Arizona voters demonstrate that conservation issues have the power to sway their vote – with key sub-groups reacting strongly to potential issue positions; register strong concern regarding water pollution.  

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Conservation in the West Poll Arizona Press Release- February 13th, 2014

Pro-conservation candidates generate enthusiasm among Arizona voters.

  • Arizona voters are very enthusiastic toward a candidate who wants to promote greater use of renewable energy, with 72% saying they would be more likely to support such a candidate (48% much more likely).  Likewise, they  strongly back a candidate who “supports enhancing protections for some public lands like National Forests” (69% more likely and 34% much more likely to vote for that candidate). 
  • On the other hand, Arizonans react negatively towards a candidate who holds anti-conservation positions.  Voters in Arizona are among the most likely to say they would not support a candidate who voted to reduce funding for federal agencies which oversee public lands, as seen in the following graph.


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