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Class of 2009, 5th Reunion

Dear Classmates,

It happened: The Class of ’09 has officially spent more years out of Colorado College than in . . . Yikes!!

Guys! It’s been too long. We want to see you on campus for our fifth reunion Oct. 9-12 because what’s a CC reunion without you? Not something this Reunion Committee volunteer wants to attend. It’s going to be a blast: fancy receptions, open bar, networking (if you’re into that), live jams from heavier and sporadically graying student bands of our era, and so much more!

Join us for our 5th Reunion Event

Saturday, Oct. 11
3-4 p.m., Class of 2004 vs. Class of 2009 Kickball Game, Don Autrey Field
5:15 p.m., Reunion Class Photos, East of Cutler Hall. In the event of rain, check in at the Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center.
7-10 p.m., Class of 2009 5th Reunion Reception with invited faculty guests, Armstrong Great Hall

Hopes to Attend List

Homecoming registration is open. Please register now! The list below reflects all members of our class who hope to attend, and have officially registered.

Click here to see who's coming!

Kurt Adkins
Alex Archambault
Abby Block
Amanda Bray (Registered)
Nate Brodman (Registered)
Wendell Cook (Registered)
Eric Corliss
Sarah Davidson (Registered)
Abigail Digel
Nicki Dunnavant (Registered)
Mat Elmore (Registered)
Emma Epstein
Duncan Forbes (Registered)
Steph Furniss (Registered)
Erika Hamilton (Registered)
Em Havens
Nick Hiebert
Sara Hildreth (Registered)
Spencer Hoffman (Registered)
Conner Hunihan (Registered)
Barbara Lish (Registered)
Jesse Morris (Registered)
Becky Rittenburg (Registered)
Jamie Senk
Katy Shanahan (Registered)
Lee Smith (Registered)
Merril Stypula
Marshall Wallach (Registered)
Sarah Wiedemann (Registered)
Dan Woodell

Reunion Class Gift Progress:

Class Gift Goal: $14,000
Dollars to Date: $4,672
Participation Goal: 25% or 123 donors
Participation to Date: 15% or 72 donors

Donor Honor Roll

Click here to see who has made a gift

Amelia Aaron
David Amster-Olszewski
Caitlin Andrews
Quintana Baker
Alex Barse
Logan Bennett
Conor Blanchet
Natasha Blitz
Megan Bock
Annie Bossange
Janet Bowen (West)
Preston Brasch
Nate Brodman
Marian Brown
Halley Brunsteter
Cailin Calonge
Andy Craig
Sarah Davidson
Andrew Dick
David Dodson
Michelle Dotter
Kristin Eckstein
Mat Elmore
Chloe Fields
Ryan French
Jimmy Fry
Erika Gebhardt
Ryan Grenoble
Hilary Gross
Caitlin Hall (Mallory)
Erika Hamilton
Blake Hammond
Frances Harjeet
Em Havens
Nick Hiebert
Spencer Hoffman
Neva Jacobs
Derek Kennedy
Andrea Ketterer
Zoe Keve
Andrew Kimball
Eli King
Nick Kreczko
Brittain Lovett
Ben Manzano
Christine Masoni
Emily Matthewson
Mayra Medrano
Penelope Morgan
Mark Neuman-Lee
Sonia Pargellis
Matt Payne
George Pilgrim
Chris Robinson
Zachary Rowe
Jamie Senk
Henry Sillin
Kelsey Smith
Lee Smith
Merril Stypula
John Thorp
Sandhya Tillotson
Sarah Turner
Marina Van Stirum
Sarah Waldo
LaTia Walker
Marshall Wallach
Sarah Williams
Sam Wilson
Arron Wolk
Scott Wozencraft
Nathan Wright

Your 5th Reunion Committee

Eric Corliss
Sarah Davidson
Blake Hammond
Emily Havens
Nick Hiebert
Jamie Senk*
Merril Stypula
Marshall Wallach*

*Also serving on Reunion
Gift Committee

Help us find the following lost classmates

Julia Bollinger
Bianca Mendez
Lise Miltner
Patrick Minot
Daniel Solomon
Matthew Sullivan

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