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Class of 2004, 10th Reunion

Why should you come to CC for our 10th Reunion? Because there are some things you can’t do on Facebook like…

• See classmates in person
• Show off your spouse/partners/children
• Pot (but it’s still not allowed on campus)
• Hook up if you are still single
• Eat at Wooglin’s
• Hike the Incline
• Slack-line, frisbee, and hacky sack on campus
• Attend a theme party (shop at the Arc/Goodwill)
• Kick some balls (during our 5 year vs. 10 year kickball game)
• Cheer on the Tigers!

See you in October. It will be like Facebook, but real!

Join us for our 10th Reunion Events

Friday, Oct. 10
4-6 p.m., Class of 2004 10th Reunion Happy Hour, Wooglin's Deli, 823 N. Tejon St.

Saturday, Oct. 11
10 a.m., Let's Play! Baby Tigers Playdate, Monument Valley Park
3-4 p.m., Class of 2004 vs. Class of 2009 Kickball Game, Don Autrey Field
5 p.m., Reunion Class Photos, East of Cutler Hall. In the event of rain, check in at the Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center.
6:30 p.m., Class of 2004 10th Reunion Reception and Dinner with invited faculty guests, Stewart House, 1228 Wood Avenue

Hopes to Attend List

Homecoming registration is open. Please register now! The list below reflects all members of our class who hope to attend, and have officially registered.

Click here to see who's coming!

Nicole Knecht Anderson
Peter Anderson
Lauri Thomas Armstrong
Erika Bad Hand (Registered)
Matt Bahl
Francheska Bardacke (Registered)
Merith Bennett
Randi Chambers Blair
Curnita Brisby
Eric Burns (Registered)
Jaemey Bush (Registered)
William Bush (Registered)
David Carlson (Registered)
Ellen Peck Chadwick (Registered)
Jamie Ludwig Cotter (Registered)
Derek Dalton (Registered)
Evan deSieyes (Registered)
Nicki Dunnavant
Wilfred Edwards (Registered)
Mat Elmore
Liesl Peterson Erb (Registered)
Peter Erb (Registered)
Melissa Everett (Registered)
Nick Farrell (Registered)
Eliza Fitzhugh (Registered)
Amanda Fixsen (Registered)
Jacques Gilson (Registered)
Thatcher Glode (Registered)
Elissa Greene (Registered)
Valerie Griffeth
Andrew Goldsworthy (Registered)
James Hancock (Registered)
Kristen Hancock (Registered)
Alex Harris (Registered)
Sally Gasper Harris (Registered)
Katharine Hauschka (Registered)
Bryan Hurlbutt
Jenniefer Johnson (Registered)
Julia Marcus Johnson (Registered)
Ryan Johnson (Registered)
Anne Kagi (Registered)
Mindy McNeil Leary
Paquito Lopez (Registered)
Kendra Murray Lucas (Registered)
Jill Gilkerson Marthaler (Registered)
Crestina Martinez (Registered)
Dana McLeod (Registered)
Mackenzie Claypool Morgan (Registered)
Ann Morgenthaler (Registered)
Jascha Morton (Registered)
Megan Mowbray (Registered)
Grace Person (Registered)
Marion Phillips
Sarah Pizzo (Registered)
Alexander Pope (Registered)
Katharine Chapman Pope (Registered)
Becca Porter (Registered)
Lorraine Salek Powell (Registered)
Sara Springer Purviance (Registered)
Nathaniel Riley Registered)
Jon Mattes-Ritz (Registered)
Autumn Rivera (Registered)
Andrew Schaper (Registered)
Katie Shapiro (Registered)
Ben Shellhorn (Registered)
Carl Siegel (Registered)
Daniel Strauss (Registered)
Sevan Suni
Jake Tabor (Registered)
Betsy VanDeusen (Registered)
Margaret Mangan Wagner (Registered)
David Ward
Abbie Weiss (Registered)
Abby Davis Williams (Registered)
Caroline Zoba (Registered)
Joshua Zunie (Registered)

Reunion Class Gift Progress:

Class Gift Goal: $12,000
Dollars to Date: $13,352
Participation Goal: 24% or 124 donors
Participation to Date: 18% or 94 donors

Donor Honor Roll

Click here to see who has made a gift

Nicole Anderson
Peter Anderson
Lauri Armstrong
Francheska Bardacke
Cole Bennett
Amanda Bissell
Andy Brown
Jaemey Bush (Shim)
Bill Bush
Zach Carver
Ellie Chadwick (Peck)
Sonia Chainani
Mandy Christensen
Jamie Cotter
Evan Dougherty
Andrew Dunn
Wil Edwards
Susan Erlenborn
Nick Farrell
Diana Fisher
Aby Frank
Jill Gilkerson
Jacques Gilson
Jenn Gonzales
Elissa Greene
Mary Groome
Rebecca Haimowitz-King
Alex Harris
Sally Harris (Gasper)
Nate Hausman
Anne Havemann
Brack Herfurth
Jeri Hibbard
Caroline Hinrichs (Moore)
Jess Hollingshead (Reyes)
Erin Hutchinson
Carlos Jimenez
Jennifer Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Caroline Katz
Jeffrey Katz
Suzanne Kern
Stephen Kerrigan
Elsa Kevin
Katie Ladt
Mindy Leary
Steve Limburg
Summer Lockett
Paquito Lopez
Mick Lorusso
Kendra Lucas
Claire Lukens
Alaina Macauley
Julia Marcus Johnson
Shawna Marion (Johnston)
Ruth Martensen
Crestina Martinez
Jon Mattes-Ritz
Jessica McDonald
Dana McLeod
Rachel Mohr
Mackenzie Morgan (Claypool)
Ann Morgenthaler
Kirk Mortensen
Renan Ozturk
Sandy Pope
Kat Pope
Sara Purviance
Autumn Rivera
Esperanza Salazar
Ken Scott
Peter Sejna
Katie Shapiro
Ben Shellhorn
Carl Siegel
Delbert Small
Steph Smedley
Abby Springer
Dane Stevens
Hector Suarez
Jake Tabor
Jacob Talbot
Andrew Tweel
Jon Udewitz
Betsy VanDeusen
Tawny Weeks
Abbie Weiss
Maggie Whittum
Aisha Wiig
Amanda Wilkens
Abby Williams
Taylor Williamson
Stormie Yeazel (Glenn-Myers)
Evan deSieyes

Your 2014 Reunion Committee

Lauri Thomas Armstrong
Matt Bahl
Evan deSieyes*
Alex Harris
Sally Gasper Harris
Bryan Hurlbutt*
Crestina Martinez
Jonathan Mattes-Ritz*
Sara Springer Purviance
Sevan Suni
Abbie Weiss

*Also serving on Reunion Gift Committee

Help us find the following lost classmates:

Lavanya Balasubramanian
Stephen Casey
Autumn Goodrich
Mona Johnston

Send updates to

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