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Class of 1999, 15th Reunion

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Your 15th Reunion:

  1. Relive your dance moves from the 90s
  2. Bring back 90s era communication #facetoface
  3. Resurrect your retro Rastall mug — fill it up for FIREWORKS, s’mores, and student bands on Friday night
  4. Reminisce about a winning CC hockey team — Sieve Sieve
  5. Party like it’s 1999

The Class of ’99 will be creating a time capsule to be opened in 2049. What do you have to contribute? Tell us on our Facebook page: Colorado College Class of 1999 

Join us for our 15th Reunion Event

Saturday, Oct. 11
4:45 p.m., Reunion Class Photos, East of Cutler Hall. In the event of rain, check in at the Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center. 
7:30-10:30 p.m., Class of 1999 15th Reunion Reception, Tutt Alumni House

Hopes to Attend List

Homecoming registration is open. Please register now! The list below reflects all members of our class who hope to attend, and have officially registered.

Click here to see who's coming!

Andrew DeNatale
Alex Feleppa (Registered)
James "Rufus" Garts
Dana Stone Harris
Jeremy Jepson (Registered)
Kristen Leibensperger (Registered)
Rasa Lila
Kimm Buettner Lucas
Kenan Kafoury Macomber (Registered)
Brinnion Garrett Mandel (Registered)
Patrick Mccoy
Allison Meserve
Sumer Faubert Ortiz (Registered)
Maggie Pavlik
Natalie Pham (Registered)
Maria Rosario Santos (Registered)
Cayman Seacrest
Laura Dickerson Sears
Rachel Shechtman (Registered)
Laura Sohn (Registered)
Natalie Swetye (Registered)
Jamie Brown Thompson
Jamie Torres (Registered)
Rachel Ngola Trice (Registered)

Reunion Class Gift Progress:

Class Gift Goal: $50,000
Dollars to Date: $29,137
Participation Goal: 22% or 116 donors
Participation to Date: 11% or 57 donors

Donor Honor Roll

Click here to see who has made a gift

Andrea Baldrica
Shannon Bilstrom (Anderson)
Rosemarie Bowen
Jamie Brown Thompson (Brown)
Allison Bukowski
Pam Butler
Molly Calhoun
Melis Coady
Susanne Cranston
Elizabeth DeCharion
Andrew DeNatale
Adam Farver
Eli Guinnee
Meghan Guinnee
Mark Hancock
Alison Henry
Katie Hopkins
Stephen Janzen
Katie Jenkins
Jeremy Jepson
Lynne Jordan
Kaori Katsumata
Natalie Kehrwald
Sabrina Lehmann
Kristen Leibensperger
Chris Loy
Kristan Markey
Joel McCauley
Amber McMahon
Wendy Newbold (Hubbard)
Andrea Orfanakis
Sumer Ortiz
Maggie Pavlik
Stephen Raher
Cody Raisig
Katie Reneker (Friesen)
Erica Rewey
Emily Rhoades
Sarah Richey
Mercy Rome (Waidtlow)
Ryan Smith
Sarah Smith
Laura Sohn
Dan Stendahl
Kyle Stock
Dana Stone Harris
Melissa Summers
Natalie Swetye
Nathan Tarver
Libby Van Vleet (Mack)
John Visser
Susanna Visser (Labovsky)
Julie Wagne (Schaller)
Andrea Wedul
Nathan Welton
Adam Woodis
Kate Zulaski (Henrioulle)

Your 15th Reunion Committee

Jeremy Jepson
Kimm Buettner Lucas*
Allison Meserve*
Maggie Pavlik
Cayman Seacrest*
Dana Stone Harris
Jamie Brown Thompson

*Also serving on Reunion
Gift Committee

Help us find the following lost classmates

Julia Baker
Kerry Chookaszian
Sarah Dench
Peter Jacoby
David Lashway
Jordan Malugen
Erica McNair Marsden
Michael Mockovciak
Stacy Rudzik
Catherine Schaper
David Sundseth
Matthew Taylor
Anthony Temple
Jessica Zay

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Reunion and Homecoming Weekend Events
Kristie Damgaard, Assistant Director for On-Campus Programs 
Jayne Blewitt, Coordinator for On-Campus Programs

Reunion Giving
Laura Rosendo ’06, Reunion Gift Officer