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Class of 1989, 25th Reunion

Dear CC Friends,

The chatter has started, flights are being reserved, and plans are being made. Our 25th CC Reunion is right around the corner – Oct. 9-12!

Friday night — reception at classmate Steve Kaczmarek FAT BIKE Company
Saturday afternoon — Saturday Afternoon Club (that’s right, an SAC)
Saturday night — Class dinner with invited faculty guests

To keep up with all of the fun, go to our Facebook page at “CC Class of 1989 Reunion” and see details as they come in.

We leave you with a message from those of us who attended our 20th reunion: GET YOUR SLEEP BEFORE THE REUNION! We have such a blast when we’re all together and nobody wants to take out time to sleep once we are reunited with old friends. We can’t wait to see you all and take over the campus once again.

Join us for our 25th Reunion Events

Friday, Oct. 10
7-10 p.m., Class of 1989 25th Reunion Reception, Fat Bike Company, 110 S. Weber St., Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO
Saturday, Oct. 11
3:15 p.m., Reunion Class Photos, East of Cutler Hall.  In the event of rain, check in at the Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center. 
3:30-4:30 p.m. Class of 1989 Saturday Afternoon Club, Loomis Lounge, Loomis Hall
6-9 p.m., Class of 1989 25th Reunion Reception and Dinner with invited faculty guests, Benjamin’s, Worner Campus Center

Hopes to Attend List

Email to let us know you plan to attend.

Click here to see who's coming!

Richard Arthur (Registered)
Dale Askey
Dave Baylis
Troy Benavidez (Registered)
David Byron (Registered)
Julie Sussman Eskenazi
Paul Farrehi
Caryn Daus Flanagan
Guy Gadowsky
Andrew Gardner (Registered)
Jenny Gessner
Craig Heacock
Amy Hightower (Registered)
Deborah Knowlton Hodge (Registered)
Didi Howland Johnson
Jen Daley Johnson
Tim Johnson
Steve Kaczmarek (Registered)
Dana Nogg Kiper (Registered)
David Leonard
Jenny Lopez Filkins
Audrey Manley
Maralee McVean
Brigitta Robinson
Douglas Sandok
Beth Mullin Scales
Sarah Hoyt Sloan
Jane Jacobson Townsend
Patti Vick
Jameel Webb
Jorge Wilmer
Maro Zagoras

Reunion Class Gift Progress:

Class Gift Goal: $60,000
Dollars to Date: $55,504
Participation Goal: 33% or 162 donors
Participation to Date: 16% or 77 donors

Donor Honor Roll

Click here to see who has made a gift!

Garrett Apuzen-Ito
Rick Arthur
Lisa Axelrod (Foltz)
Holly Barbosa (Espach)
Wendy Bogart
Brian Brown
Bill Campbell
William Carroll
Heather Carroll
John Carron
Michelle Chalmers
Colby Coombs
Julie Davis (Miller)
Frederick Dearborn
Theresa Doi
Mark Douglas
Allison Ellsworth (Troe)
Julie Eskenazi (Sussman)
Paul Farrehi
Caryn Flanagan (Daus)
Gretchen Flaum (Haegele)
Anj Gardner
Jennifer Geraghty (Murphree)
Jenny Gessner
Ian Gilchrist
Mark Gilmore
David Glickman
Rhonda Gonzales (Ellinger)
Scott Gorthy
Erika Halliday (Hausser)
Heidi Hawkins
Craig Heacock
Amy Hightower
Monica Hoene
Lori Johnson
Jen Johnson (Daley)
Didi Johnson (Howland)
Ian Jones
John Kantner
Amy King (Heneberry)
Patricia Kingston (Franciosi)
Dana Kiper (Nogg)
Gail Kozeliski (Thoms)
Scott Lawliss
Ann Long (Walsh)
Jennifer Majer (Hatgi)
Andrew Masterman
Maralee McVean
Lisa Moses (Fine)
Clark Newman
Michelle Obermeyer (Privat)
Mark Paradise
Melissa Pariseau (Oakes)
Jon-Mark Patterson
Ann Pederson (Smith)
Derek Pizzey
Chip Sagal
Courtney Sagal (Cutter)
Beth Scales
Vicki Schumann (Leech)
Sandy Shaffer (Tadken)
Meg Skidmore (Shaw)
Poppy Staub
Brian Storey
Elizabeth Stroh
Tim Swope
Mary Fran Tharp
John Tompkins
Ann Torgerson (Mason)
Anne Travers (Shirky)
Karen Waldon (Dickinson)
Margo Weisz
Kendra Wilde (Egge)
Jorge Wilmer
Tim Wirth
Maro Zagoras
Raja Ziady

Your 25th Reunion Committee

Dave Baylis
Heather Carroll
Julie Sussman Eskenazi*
Caryn Daus Flanagan
Guy Gadowsky
Jenny Gessner
Jane Jacobson Townsend
Craig Heacock
Donna Howland Johnson
Jennifer Daley Johnson
Tim Johnson
Steve Kazamarek
Dave Leonard
Jenny Lopez
Audrey Manley
Maralee McVean
Sarah Hoyt Sloan*
Jameel Webb
Jorge Wilmer
Maro Zagoras


*Also serving on Reunion GiftCommittee

Help us find the following lost classmates

Christopher Barnes
Elise Bradbury
Bryan Bredehoeft
Cri Chandrariani
Carla Huston
Cindy (Stoub) Kovalic
Ivania Montero
Gretchen (Smith) Norman
David Rich
LaDona (Jones) Roberts
Helmi Shepard
Elizabeth Townsend
Anne (Jensen) Woodland

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