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Class of 1974, 40th Reunion

Dear Classmates,

Believe it or not, now it’s time for our class, the legendary, centennial, first on the blocks Colorado College class of ’74, to get together and celebrate at our 40th reunion.

Please mark your calendars NOW to join your fun-loving CC ’74 classmates for reunion weekend 2014! See you there!

Join us for our 40th Reunion Events

Friday, Oct. 10
5-7 p.m., Class of 1974 40th Reunion Reception hosted by Nancy Saltzman ’74 and reunion committee, 2910 Bonne Vista Dr., Colorado Springs

Saturday, Oct. 11
3:45 p.m., Reunion Class Photos, East of Cutler Hall. In the event of rain, check in at the Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center. 
6 p.m., Class of 1974 40th Reunion Dinner with invited faculty guests, Gates Common Room, Palmer Hall

Hopes to Attend List

Homecoming registration is open. Please register now! The list below reflects all members of our class who hope to attend, and have officially registered.

Click here to see who's coming!

Prudy Hawthorne Abeln (Registered)
Deborah Adams
Sue Harding Benson
Rick Boebel (Registered)
Carie Washut Campbell
Richard Mahoney Campbell
John Carper (Registered)
Rebecca Cochran (Registered)
Scott Coleman
Tom Cone
Darryl Crawford (Registered)
Kim Hoffman Crawford (Registered)
Jerry DiMarco
Bruce Didesch (Registered)
Jay Engeln (Registered)
Daryl Koropp Fischer (Registered)
Bill Frye (Registered)
Marc Goalstone (Registered)
Sue Benson Harding (Registered)
Tom Hess (Registered)
Peter Hickey (Registered)
Mitch Ignatoff (Registered)
Sandy Jones
Sheldon Keresey (Registered)
James Lawrence (Registered)
Gary Linsin (Registered)
Jim Martin
Patty McGill
Marcia McNutt (Registered)
Mollie Messimer
Frank and Melody Moen (Registered)
Debra Wolf Parmet
Kile Powers (Registered)
Nancy Saltzman
Mark Schlessman (Registered)
Steve Sertich (Registered)
John Silver (Registered)
Joel Solomon (Registered)
Jim Titus (Registered)
Margy Felcher Titus (Registered)
Chris Warfield (Registered)
Ginger Wilhelmi (Registered)
Marcia Brenner Winter

Reunion Class Gift Progress: 1974

Class Gift Goal: $85,000
Dollars to Date: $56,801
Participation Goal: 33% or 143 donors
Participation to Date: 16% or 69 donors

Donor Honor Roll:

Click here to see who has made a gift

Prudy Abeln (Hawthorne)
Arja Adair
Deborah Adams
Glen Allen
Peter Anderson
Tom Arrison
Richard Balsam
Betty Bruce
Mary Buchanan (Sletvold)
Carie Campbell (Washut)
Rich Campbell
John Carper
Jamie Clouse
Becky Cochran
Kelsey Cook
Renee Cousins King
Dan Crossey
Sid Darden
Tim Davis
Bruce Didesch
Nancy Ekberg
Peter Fairchild
Gil Frith
Debbie Grimmelmann (Meyer)
Kathy Hames
Tom Hess
Pete Hickey
Judy Holmes (Hansen)
Scott Hoover
Kris Johnson (Gurnsey)
Patricia Kennedy
David Kern
Jane Kircher (Robertshaw)
Jim Lawrence
Bruce Leaf
Gary Linsin
Dale Love
Jim Martin
Manuel Martinez
Barbara Mathews
Raven McDavid
Marcia McNutt
Mollie Messimer
John Middleton
Frank Moen
Lewis Muhlfelder
Gordon Palmer
Debra Parmet (Wolf)
Kile Powers
Patty Ratcliffe-Phillips (Ratcliffe)
Barbee Riehl (Futrell)
Nancy Saltzman
Mark Schlessman
Judy Schoedel (Smith)
Fred Sherman
John Skarstad
Joel Solomon
Jim Soran
Richard Spaw
Curtis Stewart
Torrey Sun
Doug Swain
Rhonda Swain (Fonay)
Charlie Vogel
Chris Warfield
Craig Werner
Ann Wilcox (Hellesmark)
Ginger Wilhelmi
Marcia Winter (Brenner)

Your 40th Reunion Committee

Deborah Adams*, co-chair
Patty Hughes Eagar
Jim Martin*
Patty McGill
Marcia McNutt
Debra Wolf Parmet
Nancy Saltzman
Mark Schlessman*, co-chair
John Silver
Chris Warfield

*Also serving on Reunion Gift Committee

Help us find the following lost classmates

Abdullah Alharbi
Babalola Ayoola
Alan Bentson
Thomas Hiester
Michael Roberts

Send updates to

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Reunion and Homecoming Weekend Events
Kristie Damgaard, Assistant Director for On-Campus Programs 
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Reunion Giving
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