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Contemporary Conversations

Sustainability: Building the Ecological Village at CC

A conversation to move us beyond dreaming of sustainability to living in an ecological community. Pivotal readings, visits from community experts and field trips to observe persisting problems and innovative solutions will help us focus on making strategic changes at CC. Come ready to open your minds and roll up your sleeves.

Who Belongs at Colorado College? A Conversation about Race, Place, and Community

This class will help you develop the skills to engage in educational, productive, and community-building conversations about race, processes of racialization, and the implications of structural and institutional racism on individual identities and responsibilities. Anchoring our discussions to academic studies of 21st century US racism and racialization and to the case study of the Detroit Water Wars and enhanced by discussion of race relations and conflict in the news, you will develop a historical and conceptual framework to discuss the meaning of race, the processes of racialization, and some impacts of critical intersections on our own campus and in our communities. After completing the course, you will have new ideas and tools for building a culture of inclusion at Colorado College in which everyone can feel that they belong.

Sustaining Oneself through Transitions

I plan on exploring what you need to do to foster self structure during the college years, why the transitions both to college and out of college tend to be traumatic (fragment self structure) and what one can do to lessen the trauma and sustain one’s self through the transition out of college. We will also address the question of how one can locate that area in the socio/economic world which might best fulfill one’s self after college.

Spirituality in a Secular Age

Ours is a paradoxical age. We call it secular even as the quest for spiritual fulfillment goes on intensely. But what does the term “secular” actually mean, and what do people mean when they say they seek spiritual fulfillment? (What does it mean to say that one is “spiritual” but not “religious”?) I would like to explore what we mean by “secular” and by “spiritual” through discussion of some pertinent readings and films that explore these questions in a powerful way.

Contemporary Conversations have a $50 deposit with $45 refundable upon compeltion of the session or withdrawal by December 5, 2014.

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