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Faculty Preregistration Information

Faculty Banner Login & Preregistration Instructions-click on this link for detailed instructions to login to Banner

Preregistration for all first years and eligible new transfers is September 29 - October 10, 2014.

Winterstarts will already be enrolled in their FYE and many have already enrolled in their courses for blocks 7 & 8.  Winterstarts no longer bid points on 7 & 8, they are now enrolled by sending their course selections to the Registrar's Office before September 29th and are allowed to take reserved spaces. 

If you are teaching a course with the COI (consent of instructor), you will receive an email with the COI PIN.  After preregistration, all COI  courses will require signatures on a drop/add form.

If there is a COD (consent of department) designation on a course, only department chairs will receive the COD PIN via email.

All students must meet with their advisor to receive their student preregistration passcode.

Students will receive their preregistration results on Wednesday, October 15th and may begin making changes to their schedule on drop/add forms in the Registrar's Office.

Students cannot sign up for Independent Study or Research in preregistration.  This must be done on Independent Study or Drop/Add forms in the Registrar's Office. These forms are available to download and print on our webpage under "Forms".