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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions: 

Q: Where do I park if my assigned lot is full? 

A: If a parking space is not available in your assigned lot, you are directed to park your vehicle in any available "Paid Visitor Parking" space and to call the Parking Office at x6888 stating that your assigned lot is full. The Parking Office will dispatch an officer for enforcement in your assigned lot. In the event that all "Paid Visitor Parking" spaces are occupied, you may park your vehicle in the E1 Northeast Campus or S1 South Campus/ Tejon Street parking lots (see the map on the Parking home page for directions). Please do not park your vehicle in any other location besides those listed above if your assigned lot is full. Doing so displaces another paying customer or neighbor, and citations issued for such will not be valid for appeal.Parking is limited, and will not be over-sold.

Q: I have some things that I need to unload quickly, can I park on the sidewalk or in a fire lane or handicapped space?

A: No. While we understand you only intend to be there a short while, placing your vehicle in one of the above listed areas is a violation of city and state laws. Further, parking your vehicle in a fire lane or on the sidewalk could hinder emergency personnel from staging rescue vehicles in the event of a real emergency. We have made an effort to provide 15 minute parking spaces throughout campus for you to use for short term loading and unloading. 

Q: I received a ticket, what are my options? 

A: If you have received a ticket from Campus Safety, you may either pay the citation at the parking office or you may follow the instructions printed on the ticket and appeal the citation online. Make sure to check that the citation was issued by Campus Safety first; CSPD enforces parking regulations on and around campus as well, and if you are given a ticket by the city, you will need to pay or appeal the ticket at the municipal court house. 

Here are some frequently asked questions to make your application process run more smoothly:

Q: I don't have the car I will be driving yet/ I don't know the license plate number of the car I will be driving, what should I put in that field?

A: Just use the plate number, make and color of another vehicle you or your family own to complete the application. We can update the system later once you get your new vehicle or remember your license plate number.

Q: I want to apply for a spring semester permit, how do I do that and when will I get billed?

A: In the drop down menu for "Permit Duration", you can select either Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Annual. You will not be billed for any permit until you pick it up in the fall.

Q: I am a residential or commercial tenant (including all college employees living on campus), which option should I select?

A: All college staff living on campus should indicate themselves as an employee and select your salary range. However, you should then send an email to and tell us which building you will be living in so that we can remove you from the normal lottery and assign you a tenant permit. This does not apply to students living in Breton Hall (1131 N Cascade).

Q: I am a student living off campus next year in a building managed by Sunflower. Where am I allowed to park? Am I not allowed to park in the E1 lot?

A: The designated spaces provided for sunflower tenants near the E1 lot are located in two blacktop sub-lots. One is directly to the west and behind 1108 N. Weber St, and the other is on the northeast side of the lot between 229 E. Uintah St and 1124 N. Weber St. If you would like to purchase a permit for the E1 lot and avoid parking on the street, you are welcome to do so.

If you have any other questions or can think of anything we could add to this FAQ, please contact the Parking Office at 719-389-6888.