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Transition to Office 365

This page describes the process of transitioning your CC email from our on campus Exchange system up to Office 365.

Before transitioning, if your department uses a shared calendar, please contact ITS: so we can prepare that calendar for migration as well.

Once started, the transition process usually takes a few hours, and you can still use your mailbox while it is moving. There will be a brief period at the end (approximately 10 minutes) when you will lose connection to your mailbox. After that, you can start logging into Office 365. If you have Outlook as your email program, you can normally just close Outlook and re-open it to connect to Office 365 (see below). If you have a mobile device or use another email client (like Mac Mail, etc.), you'll need to change your settings as follows:

Key settings

  • Type: Exchange
  • Server:
  • Username: always in the format ""

Please note the new username format specifically for Office 365.  As an example, Jane Doe currently has the following:

  • username: jdoe
  • email address:

When logging into Office 365 or setting it up on her devices, she will use the following:

  • username:
  • email address: 

Email using the Outlook program on your computer

The transition should be seamless; Outlook normally detects the new location of your mailbox, and then you can continue using email as you always have. Sometimes, you may need to retype your Outlook username in the "" format.

If Outlook does not detect the new location, you can set up a new profile in Outlook. It will ask you for your email address, and, once you enter it, Outlook should automatically detect your settings and create your profile.  This will happen if you are using an old version, Outlook 2007 or 2003.  In this case, we recommend contacting us to upgrade your version of Office.

Note that if you're using Outlook on a Mac, you may get a message that Outlook was redirected to an "autodiscover" server to get new settings for your account. If this happens, go ahead and click "Allow." If that warning keeps popping up, you can check the box "Always use my response for this server" and then click "Allow" one final time.

Email using an iPhone, Android phone, or other mobile device

After your mailbox moves to Office 365, you'll need to edit the "server" and "username" settings for the CC email profile on your device (see the "key settings" callout box above).

After making the change, try it out.  If your calendar isn't synching, you may need to power your device off and then power it back on again.  If this does not work, a final step is to delete the email account and create it again from scratch.

Note that if you have Android 4.0 or above, it typically does not let you edit the username.  In that case, you'll need to delete your Exchange email profile from your phone and re-create it from scratch with the correct settings.

Email through the CC website

After the transition, you'll no longer use the "Faculty & Staff" link from the Check Email page.  Instead, you'll use the "Students & Alumni" link.