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Application Process

Blocks Off-Campus (during the year)

Each block may be handled differently, so interested students should contact the professor or department who is offering the course for any application/interview requirements.

Summer Blocks Off-Campus

Students should apply through the Summer Session Office

Semester and Year-Long Off-Campus Study

-For the Spring Semester off-campus: Opens on August 1, closes October 1 (or when full)

-For the Fall Semester off-campus: Opens on January 1, closes March 1(or when full)|

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Approval in any given semester is not guaranteed, and students should explore options in both the fall and spring semesters.

Semester and year-long off-campus study is generally open to sophomores and juniors. Seniors wishing to study off-campus for a semester may need to obtain additional approval but this is generally also a possibility.  In addition to meeting the application requirements of the program you are applying to, you must also be in good academic and disciplinary standing at CC, and obtain your academic advisor’s approval to study off-campus. Students who are currently on academic or judicial probation may not be eligible to study off-campus.

Students applying for an Approved or ACM program will need to complete the CC Internal Application below ,  in addition to the application for the program itself, which can be obtained on the program’s website.

ONLINE CC Internal Application (for Approved and ACM Programs) 

You should start working on the actual program application as soon as possible, regardless of when they list their deadlines as. You must submit final confirmation to CC of your plans for the next semester by November 1 for Spring semester off-campus, or by May 1 for Fall semester off-campus. That means you need to be accepted by your program by that point and have submitted your deposit. Do not wait to apply for your program!