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Non Exempt Staff Recruitment

Please contact the Human Resources Office - Employment at x6236 if you have any questions.

Posting a position

  • Notify the HR Employment Manager as soon as any vacancy is known, whether a newly created position or as a result of a termination.
  • If the vacant position is the result of a termination, HR must receive the terminating employee's letter of resignation and leave calendar prior to posting the position.
  • HR will e-mail the current job description  to the supervisor to review and update.  HR will create the position announcement  and send to the supervisor for final review.
  • If an existing position  changes significantly, it will require  review by HR for proper pay band classification.  A position may be posted with the  band "pending" at the discretion of the HR Director. If some duties have been delegated to another position, then that job description should be updated as well.
  • Prior to posting a position, the position's budget must be reviewed by the department and HR. Any concerns must be addressed and necessary budget requests approved in advance of posting.
  • Once the position  and budget are finalized, HR will post the announcement on the "Employment Opportunities" web site. HR may also fund an online ad on the Gazette ( and other advertising as approved by the HR Director.

Accepting applications and Interviewing

  • All non-exempt support staff positions require a CC application to be completed online on the Human Resource website under Employment Opportunities.
  • The Employment Manager will assist supervisors with the online application process.
  • Supervisors should begin interviewing applicants as soon as possible. Delaying the interview process  may adversely affect the availability of qualified applicants.
  • It is appropriate to respond to inquiries about salary and share the minimum rate of pay  however, no salary or employment offer may be made at this time.
  • Nonexempt staff searches are not required to form search committees. However, the hiring supervisor  may utilize other staff members in the department/division to assist with interviews provided the  same process is followed consistently for every applicant.
  • Develop a list of questions to be asked of every finalist and forward a copy to HR for the official recruitment file. Document each candidate's response - if not during, then immediately following the interview. Keep notes but don't write on the application itself.

Checking references

  • The hiring supervisor should personally contact references for the finalists.  HR recommends  first contacting current or former supervisors (from the work history section of the application) and then the professional references listed on the application.
  • Two thorough reference checks, using the Telephone Reference Check Form are required before requesting approval to hire. Where detailed information was not available and all attempts have been made, record the name of the person you spoke with and the information they were able to verify.

The Hiring Decision

  • The hiring supervisor is to consult with his or her department/division head for review and approval of the hiring recommedation.
  • Once senior level approval is obtained, the department informs HR of the desired candidate and recommends a salary and start date. All of the reference checks and other search documentation are to be returned to HR at this time.
  • If the salary recommendation is above the minimum for the pay grade, the supervisor must provide information to support the requested hourly rate. The HR Director shall make  the final decision regarding starting salary. If the salary to be offered exceeds the amount budgeted for the position, the department must identify available funds from within the same department and/or division. If division funds are not available, the division head may request HR approve funding from the contingency accounts in consultation with the Controller and Vice President for Business & Finance.

Making the Employment Offer

  • HR will contact the candidate tooffer employment and notify the supervisor of acceptance.
  • If the offer is accepted, the supervisor contacts the new employee toprovide  more detailed information regarding the position expectations and work environment.
  • If the candidate refuses the initial offer because of salary, the HR Director may authorize a counter offer. If the candidate ultimately declines the College's offer, the supervisor must be prepared to go back to the pool and either select a second choice candidate, begin interviewing additional applicants, or re-advertise the position.
  • Once the candidate has accepted the offer, HR will mail an employment letter to the new employeeproviding details of the new job such as start date, hourly salary, pay grade, direct supervisor, and benefit eligibility date.

Beginning Employment

  • The new employee must report to HR on the first day of work and complete new hire paperwork.
  • An orientation session will be scheduled as soon as possible after the new employee starts at CC. The orientation covers information on benefits and the Staff Employee Handbook.
  • The department is responsible for making sure the new employee receives a parking hang-tag, Gold Card, and any necessary keys from Facilities Services. The direct supervisor should also provide specific information about the department/division.
  • Within the new employee's first 90 days, a Staff Performance Appraisal form is to be completed by the supervisor and returned to HR for placement in the new employee's personnel file.  Please monitor the new staff member's performance during this review period and provide honest feedback on an ongoing basis.  Requests to extend this evaluation period are to be made to the Director of Human Resources and require a detailed plan to address any perceived performance issues.