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Hourly Time Entry Policies

The following applies to all hourly (non-exempt) staff as of 9/1/11

Pay Dates

Pay dates are the 15th and the last working day of each month.  Should the 15th fall on a weekend, staff will be paid on the Friday before that weekend.

  • Hours worked from the 22nd of the prior month through the 6th of the month will be paid on the 15th.
  • Hours worked from the 7th through the 21st of the month will be paid on the last working day of the month.

See the payroll calendar for a listing of pay dates (including the number of days in each pay cycle) and time sheet due dates.  Please contact the Payroll Office at x6420 if you have questions.

Online Time Entry

Non-exempt staff are paid by the hour, and hours are reported online using the electronic Time Sheet function in the “Employee” portion of Self Service Banner.  Hours are to be reported in 15 minute increments (.25 hours), and any minutes worked in excess of the previous increment must be reported in the next larger increment, which will give the employee the benefit of the most time worked.  Employees are to report the total number of hours worked on the day in which the hours were actually worked.

Employees are to report ALL hours worked, including occasional hours worked during the summer, even if not normally scheduled to work.  Colorado College does not offer compensatory time to hourly employees.  Any hourly employee who is asked to work “off-the-clock” or to falsify a timesheet must report the incident to Human Resources immediately.

Time Entry Approval

The supervisor is responsible for timely authorization of employees’ time sheets and to establish a proxy to approve timesheets in the supervisor’s absence.  The approver may question any entry and/or request confirmation of hours worked by returning the time sheet online to the employee prior to the submission deadline.

In the event that time has been reported by an employee and not authorized by an approver in a timely manner, the Payroll Department may serve as proxy in order to prevent undue hardship to the employee and will follow up with the supervisor.


Any time worked in excess of an employee’s normal schedule must be approved in advance by the supervisor or his/her proxy.  Working unauthorized time may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination.  Any time worked in excess of 40 hours per week will be paid at 1½ times the regular rate of pay.  (For example, $100 regular earnings would be $150 at the overtime rate).

Travel Pay

Hourly employees required to travel to another location for off-site training or conferences should report actual hours spent attending the event.  In addition, time spent traveling to the site may be compensable provided it exceeds your normal commute (outside of Colorado Springs).  These hours are to be reported as regular time worked, using the comments field to document the time worked was off-site.

Meal Break

An unpaid lunch period of not less than 30 minutes and not more than 60 minutes is provided for staff working more than six hours in one day. It should fall approximately mid-way through the workday, although the decision when it will occur will reside with the supervisor.  This break is to be recorded on the timesheet in the standard 15-minute increment.

Working Lunch

Staff members who are asked to work through lunch or are required to attend a luncheon or seminar (including events occurring after normal office hours) must include those hours as regular time worked.

Break Periods

Hourly employees working 7.5 or more hours/day are provided with break periods not to exceed 15 minutes each morning and each afternoon included as paid work time. Staff working a minimum of 4 hours will be eligible for one break each day.  Staff members are not to record these breaks on their time sheet.

Call-In Time

Hourly employees called to report to work outside of their normal hours (i.e. evening or weekend emergency response) will be paid a minimum of 2 hours of regular time from the time that the call is accepted (reasonable drive time will be paid based on call-in log maintained by the department).  Use the comments field to document actual time worked if less than 2 hours.

Paid Leave

Report paid time off online by selecting the appropriate option(s) for Holiday*, Sick, Personal, Vacation, Jury Duty, Community Service, and/or Bereavement.  See the staff handbook for policies regarding the accrual and use of paid leave.

Staff members who work on a holiday should report the hours worked as regular earnings in addition to reporting their scheduled holiday hours (see Holiday Pay Guidelines for additional information).  Staff members who are required to work Independence Day or over winter break (those days not specifically listed as holidays) do not receive additional compensation – hours worked are compensated with alternate time off.

Upaid Leave

Sick, Personal or Vacation leave reported in excess of the hours accrued will be considered leave without pay.

Extended Medical Leave

Any sick leave of 3 or more consecutive days must be reported to Human Resources.  Supplemental Sick Leave will be reported to Payroll by HR based on eligibility requirements.

Other Paid Leave

Paid time off for emergency closure (i.e. severe weather such as snow storm or other unsafe conditions), closure of offices (i.e. commencement or all-campus picnic) or other paid time off approved by the supervisor (such as voting – see employee handbook for details) is to be recorded on the time sheet using the Other Paid Leave option.  Include a full explanation in the comment field whenever this option is used.