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Leadership Academy CCLA

CCLA LogoAligned with Colorado College’s mission to provide the best liberal arts education in the country, the focus of this course is Leadership Excellence.  It has been designed to support and reinforce the mission, policies, and strategic goals of the College by enhancing the ability of its leaders – new and experienced – to effectively manage themselves and others, as well as resources and business operations.  The program model integrates learning and competency development to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively perform their leadership responsibilities.

The CC Leadership Academy is a 44-hour experience created by Human Resources in collaboration with Profile Center for Organizational Enrichment.  Course content is customized to represent the leadership competencies or “brand” that Colorado College strives to create, develop, and support.  The course further seeks to create a learning community, one that encourages participants to learn together and support one another – throughout the course, and beyond its completion.  A variety of learning modalities are utilized, with heavy emphasis placed on experiential learning, scenario practice, group discussion, fieldwork, and group projects.  Classes consist of a series of full- and half-day sessions over a period of approximately three months. 

The CC Leadership Academy is conducted on an annual basis. For more information or to nominate a colleague for this unique opportunity, please contact Human Resources at 389-6222

Course Objectives
Course Requirements
Unit Descriptions

Course Objectives

  • Develop a contemporary understanding of leadership.
  • Understand your personal leadership style, impact on others, and how to adapt to other styles to achieve excellent outcomes.
  • Expand your repertoire of leadership methods and approaches to think and act based on the situation.
  • Practice strategies that promote personal accountability and responsibility.
  • Expand your ability to effectively lead a diverse workforce.
  • Foster a workplace environment that promotes collaboration and mutual respect.
  • Increase your ability to productively manage and leverage team conflict.
  • Cultivate possibility thinking.
  • Take responsibility for change.
  • Build relationships with others across campus to establish a ‘community of practice’ support system.
  • Be recognized as an integral participant in shaping the future of CC! 

Course Requirements

  • Commitment to attend all sessions
  • History of excellent performance
  • Models  positive standards that support the college’s core values and mission
  • Nominated by colleague or supervisor
  • Approval by supervisor to participate and work together on learning projects and activities

Unit Descriptions

Unit I:  Leading Yourself 

This unit takes participants from the self-discovery process through an introduction to one’s individual “style” as well as the styles of others, and an exploration of key emotional intelligence competencies.  Contemporary learning theory is explored as it relates to conscious, accountable leadership.

Unit II:  Leading Individual Performance 

This unit shows leaders how setting clear expectations, holding people accountable through timely and accurate feedback and performance management, repairing communication breakdowns, and rewarding individual performance will help motivate and retain the best talent for the future.

Unit III:  Leading your Team

Since conflict is a natural part of working together, effective leaders welcome it as an opportunity for creativity and innovation.  This unit helps participants become comfortable with conflict and capable of applying basic resolution and negotiation tools.

Unit IV:  Forwarding the Learning 

Throughout this course, participants will be encouraged to think and learn together through in-person as well as online dialogue.  The intent is for this process to continue after course completion.  This follow-up session creates the opportunity for participants to reconvene – to discuss what they have learned over the past months and to adopt a structure for continuing to learn from one another in the “Communities of Practice” model.


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Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Colorado College welcomes all members of its community and reaffirms its commitment not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or sexual orientation in its educational programs and activities or employment practices.




2012-2013 Participants

  • Carolyn Madsen – Office of the President
  • Pam Leutz – Dean’s Office
  • Molly Gross – Writing Program
  • Anna Jaquez-Herron – Financial Aid
  • Matt Bonser – Admission Office
  • Melissa Haffeman – Educational Technology Services
  • Jason Taylor – Audio Visual Services
  • Shaleen Prehm – Human Resources
  • Lisa Brommer – Human Resources
  • Paul York – Student Services
  • Dave Reed – Athletics Media Relations
  • Scott Lowenberg – Athletics Marketing
  • Naomi Trujillo – Annual Fund
  • Jen Kulier – Communications
  • Nick Calkins – Campus Safety
  • Ben Moffitt – Institutional Research
  • Kathy Butler – Residential Life
  • Debby Fowler – Development Administration