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Map a Network Drive in Windows 7

  1. Click on the "Start Menu."
  2. Right click on "Computer."
  3. Click on "Map Network Drive."
  4. Select a Drive Letter that's not already in use from the dropdown menu.
  5. Type the address of the server and the share in "Folder". The format is \\server\share, so to accress the shared folder "temp" on the server "fileserver1", you would use \\fileserver1\temp.
  6. Check "Reconnect at logon" to automatically reconnect.
  7. You can find the mapped drive under "Computer"

List of commonly used drives

Personal network drive (H)

  • Faculty: \\fileserver1\username
    • \\fileserver1\jdoe
  • Staff: \\admin1\username
    • \\admin1\jdoe
  • Student: \\\students\username 
    • \\\students\j_doe

Department or Office shared network drive (I)

  • Faculty: \\fileserver1\department
    • \\fileserver1\english
  • Staff: \\admin1\department
    • \\admin1\reslife

Temporary Storage

  • All: \\fileserver1\temp 
    • Please note that this drive is wiped once per block and is not meant for long term or safe data storage.