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Office 365 (Students)

Early in Summer of 2013, all CC Student email accounts were moved off campus.  Student email is now hosted by Microsoft's Office 365 service, which allows much larger storage limits and better features for students, including letting them keep their email accounts indefinitely, and 25 GBs of email storage space along with 7 GBs of Skydrive storage space.

Webmail for Student mailboxes 

Once at the log on page, you'll want to type in your

 once you've done this, the page will redirect you to a login prompt for your username and password.

Once logged in, click the "Outlook" link along the top to get to your email.

Settings for email clients on computers, tablets, phones, etc.

* Important note regarding the username field for all these setups: username is not the same as email address.  For example, student John Doe has email address and username j_doe.  In this field, he would type

Also, remember that it must always be - if you get to a second screen in your setup that strips out the @coloradocollege, you need to add it back

Best (recommended): Exchange setup

  • Account type: Exchange
  • Server:
  • Domain: leave blank if asked
  • *
  • Password: your CC network account password

Medium (if Exchange is not an option): IMAP setup

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL
  • Authentication: Password (NTLM will not work)
  • *
  • Password: your CC network account password

Not recommended: POP setup

  • Account type: POP
  • Incoming
    • Port: 995
    • Encryption: SSL
  • Outgoing (smtp)
    • Port: 587
    • Encryption: TLS
  • *
  • Password: your CC network account password


I'm on a Mac using Safari. I click on the Student Email link but when I try to enter my username and password, I get this message about "Can't establish a secure connection" like the one in the picture below:

Safari security error Office 365 students


This probably means you have a browser that is older and unable to access Office 365.

If you have OSX 10.5, you're limited in the upgrades you can install until you upgrade your Operating System to a newer version of Mac OSX. We have a workaround until you're able to upgrade your system: You can install Firefox 16.0.2 from the link below, and that will allow you access your CC Office 365 email: