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Should I buy a computer? If so, what should I be looking for?

Most students bring a computer of some kind with them. It’s useful to be able to do late-night or weekend work in the quiet of their dorm. If you choose to buy a computer, we suggest these minimum specs: 2GHZ Dual Core processor, 2Gb of RAM, 80 Gb Hard Drive, and both wireless (WPA2-E) and Ethernet capability.

Should I buy a printer?

We do not suggest purchasing a printer. Printing is widely available in almost every building on campus, including the dorms, and is free! If you do choose to bring your own printer, it must be wired. Most printers are unable to connect to our wireless network.

Do you provide Microsoft Office or any other software at a discount?

The school does not provide software, however student versions of software is available at TechXtend. Call 800.599.4388 for academic pricing on Microsoft products.

Do you use Macs or PCs on campus?

Our systems are compatible with both Mac and PC computers, and we make extensive use of both across campus. There are labs for each.

Can I use my Kindle /AppleTV/ wireless device on campus?

Most tablets and smart phones can be connected to our wireless network. Some devices, however, do not support WPA2-E encryption. This includes wireless printers, AppleTVs, Wii game consoles, and possibly others. If you are unsure of whether or not your device will be able to connect, please refer to your instruction manual or call the Help Desk to be certain.

Can I bring a Router/Switch/Hub with me to use in my room?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use a router, switch, hub, or any other such connectivity device on campus. Because of the way the network is structured, if one of these devices is plugged in, it’s will be automatically disabled.

Can I add my Colorado College email to my phone, and can I connect it to Tigernet2?

Yes, and yes! There are guides in the Tips and How-tos section of this site. If you have any trouble, though, you can always bring them down to the Help Desk.

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