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Pre-register your computer

To register, simply go to and follow the instructions (note that you will need your CC username and password to register – you’ll receive that information in the mail during summer).

In order to connect to our secure network (either wired or wireless), your computer must be registered as an approved device.  The process takes only a few moments, and doing it from home will result in one less step for you to worry about when you arrive on campus, and get you connected to the internet that much faster!

Registration accomplishes two things:

1) a small program called Bradford Dissolvable Agent will scan your computer to ensure it has an AntiVirus program (yes, even for Macs) with recently updated definitions, and also for certain critical security updates to your operating system.  As long as you pass the threshold, your computer will be approved and registered on the network.
2) Allows us to connect your name and contact information to your computer, so that if a problem arises (like we notice it is infected with a virus), we will be able to contact and let you know.

If, for whatever reason, the registration fails, it should tell you why and you can simply try again once you’ve fixed the problem (usually it is due to lack of AntiVirus on a mac, or AntiVirus which isn’t up to date).  If you get stuck, we’ll be here to help you get it sorted out when you arrive.

This is half of what’s required to get your computer on the internet, and it will save you time and hassle if you can do it before arriving on campus.  (The other half is configuring your network card correctly, which you need to do from on campus.  However, you can take a look at our instructions and even print them out if you want to be extra prepared.

It is worth noting that you do not need to bring your computer to the Help Desk to get it set up – we advise you to use the links in this email to see if you can get it working on your own, and then bring it in to us if you get stuck.  We will be open the Saturday and Sunday of your arrival to assist with any problems which may occur (as well as regular business hours during the week).