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Internet Popups

Internet Popups occur when you are out surfing the web, and suddenly a new browser window (or four) will pop up, generally with some form of advertisement. Think of these as Internet Commercials (of course, they are no less annoying than T.V. commercials). The good news is that you can actually do something to prevent the vast majority of internet popups from reaching your screen.

One thing to keep in mind is that some popups are legitimate and necessary for performing the intended functionality of a particular webpage (checking your CC email, for example, requires a pop up for you to log in). Most good popup blockers generally know which to block, but you may occasionally run across an instance where it blocks something you don't wish it to. In this case, you can hold down the Control key while clicking a link to allow popups.

Here are a few different options the Help Desk recommends to help you be rid of pop-ups for good:

Please note that the Google Toolbar and Mozilla Firefox are 3rd party applications that you install and use at your own risk

Google Toolbar There are many 3rd party popup blockers out there, but the Help Desk recommends the Google Toolbar (for Internet Explorer) as the best one we've found (and it allows you easier access to a google search as a bonus!) To install, simply click the link to the left and follow the simple directions. It takes less than 2 minutes.
Scan for Spyware Many popups actually don't come from the Internet at all but from spyware installed on your own computer! Scanning for and removing Spyware can often solve all your pop-up problems.
If you use Windows and have not done so already, we recommend keeping your computer up-to-date and have the latest Service Packs for your version of Windows.How do I know which version of Windows I have?
Mozilla Firefox We recommend Mozilla's open source browser Firefox as an alternate browser to Internet Explorer. This browser also has a lot of nice features, including built in pop-up blocking that is extremely effective.
(Please note that Firefox may not display all web pages correctly and you may still need to use Internet Explorer to view certain websites.)