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Testing Accommodations

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for reasonable and appropriate testing accommodations at Colorado College. Accommodations that may be provided to students include, but are not limited to, extended time, a distraction-reduced test setting, and use of a computer with word processing. Students must initially request testing accommodations through Disability Services (DS). The DS staff collaborates with students to determine if alternative testing is a reasonable accommodation.

Students and faculty should follow the steps below to implement testing accommodations:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform faculty of any need for accommodation, including testing accommodations, prior to the beginning of a block or early enough for the faculty member to implement reasonable accommodations. The student should provide faculty with a copy of a letter prepared by DS that lists approved accommodations.
  • Students and faculty should discuss how best to arrange accommodations for each testing situation. Students and faculty are encouraged to contact the DS staff if consultation is needed regarding accommodations.
  • Faculty should make the determination of whether a student approved for the use of a computer with word processing will use the student's own computer or a computer located in the academic department. If the faculty member determines that the student should use a departmental computer, the computer must be located in a space conducive to a testing situation.
  • Because students with disabilities are best served when accommodated in the most integrated setting possible, DS strongly encourages faculty to provide testing accommodations within their own departments. However, if it is not possible to provide appropriate accommodations within the academic department (e.g., the student needs to use assistive technology that is available only via DS), the faculty member should request that DS assist in the administration of the test.

The following procedures should be followed to set up a test administration with DS:

  • At least one week prior to the test, the faculty member should contact DS to request assistance in administering the test. The faculty member must provide information regarding delivery and return of the test and instructions for test administration.
  • If the student does not keep the appointment for the test, the test will be returned to the faculty member. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty member to seek permission to reschedule the test.
  • In keeping with the spirit of the College’s honor system, DS provides space and accommodations for the test but does not serve as a proctor.

For additional information on alternative testing or other accommodations and services, please contact Disability Services.