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External Grants for Faculty



Announcing: "Tuesdays with Tess":   Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support, will be holding informal lunch-time meetings in Rastall’s on the first two Tuesdays of every block during the fall.  While drop-in visitors are welcome, Tess will pay for your lunch if you let her know to expect you. Just email her at Faculty are invited to come talk with her about their research interests in general or about more specific ideas or questions they may have about seeking and securing external funding. Tess will have her laptop with her and will be able to show faculty a variety of online resources available to them.  These visits are intended to be fairly brief (15 or 20 minutes). If you would like more time to talk, just contact Tess to schedule a meeting.

There are a wide variety of funding sources available.

Some are government sources; some are private.  Some funders support only particular fields; some give only to particular geographic regions.  Some funders require little more than a personal statement and a CV; others require a great deal of explanation and documentation. Some funders have been supporting Colorado College for decades; others may not have heard of us before. Many funders enforce limits on the number of proposals an institution may submit in a given year.

Nearly all are highly competitive. The National Science Foundation tends to fund about 20% of its proposals. The funding rate for the National Endowment for the Humanities is closer to 10%.

Because of the complex and highly competitive nature of applying for external funding, there are two offices that support faculty who are seeking external funding:

Where to Go for Help

  • Tess Powers, a member of the Dean’s Office, can support individual faculty in their search for support for their individual research agendas and creative activities
  • Members of the “Grants Office” in the Advancement Division work with faculty who seek support for a programmatic or curricular project that will be sponsored by the College as an institution.