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Early Birds

Early Birds provides an early morning service that allows students to come in before school and receive extra help with homework or reading.  Early Birds partners with Bristol Elementary School and provides Colorado College tutors Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 7-8am

The CC student leaders of Early Birds coordinate both tutoring schedules and ride shares to the elementary school.  If you are interested in learning more about Early Birds, please contact Taylor Schwabe or Maggie Wolf.

 "One of my favorite things about Early Birds is that it provides the opportunity to give a meaningful service to the local kids before beginning the rest of my day. Even though each visit to the school lasts only an hour, the hour that we spend helping them to finish homework or to improve their reading skills, for example, focuses their thoughts before the school day and gives them the edge they need to be more confident students."

--Taylor Schwabe '16


"I work with Early Birds because I am able to help kids who would not otherwise receive the extra support they need outside of the classroom. Because the same students come to the tutoring sessions, I am able to watch them grow academically over the course of a year and know that I had a part in shaping that process. The kids are also a ton of fun to teach!"

--Maggie Wolf '15