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CEL Capstones

Objectives of the CEL Capstone Project

  • Identify an issue of community concern, and design and organize a project geared toward affording solutions to the problem.
  • Assemble project reflection, analysis and results and generate accessible means of sharing, and defending, these with stakeholders.
  • Internalize habits of critical reflection, creative problem-solving, and multiple perspective-taking.
  • Demonstrate responsible, sustained commitment to the reciprocity required for authentic community engagement and community-based learning.

Community Engaged Leadership Capstones


Cris Landa "Living Out Youth Empowerment Theory and Practice"

Fransiska Dannemann "Challenging Youth Voter Conceptions of Colorado Springs Mayoral Candidates Through Education"

Joseph Glick "Heads of Faith: Interfaith Discussion Groups" 

Riley Wyman " Chinese community-based action in water scarcity and pollution"


Benjamin Snow "Rethinking Sustainable; Rethinking Reciprocity; Rethinking Strategic Planning"

Eliza Brennan Pratt "Returning from Study Abroad: Processing the Re-entry Experience"

Marley Hamrick "Face-to-Face Colorado


Kelsey Bergeson "Food insecurity and the future of the CC Community Kitchen"