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2014 Student Organizations

CC Community Kitchen: The CC Community Kitchen works to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness in the US and gathers every Sunday to prepare and serve a free meal. We have been in operation for 22 years! Get involved by showing up to volunteer at Sacred Grounds on Sunday (morning shift from 9:00-12:00, afternoon shift from 12:30-3:00), and/or joining our mailing list (email Savannah). We seek to go beyond the Soup Kitchen model in three major ways: first, by reducing barriers between guests and volunteers. Anyone can eat, anyone can volunteer, and everyone is treated with respect. Second, by promoting awareness of core issues and encouraging critical thought. Finally, by giving a voice to our guests and volunteers through our Sunday Skill Share program.
Savannah Worth -

The Tiger Eyes Dance Team: is a group of dancers dedicated to promoting positive school spirit on campus. We invoke positive attitudes through our exciting and entertaining routines. We look forward to expanding our reach on and off campus with our recent Chartership. Look for more of the Tiger Eyes Dance Team to come!

SOSS: The Student Organization for Sexual Safety (SOSS) is a peer advocacy group that promotes safe and positive sex, works to prevent sexual assault, and provides resources and support for victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault. We run a hotline around the clock. All calls and texts are answered by a trained SOSS member, and no question is too small or too big. SOSS is advised by the SARC on campus, and work closely with them. SOSS hosts many events on campus as well, including Classy Christmas, Speed Dating, and Take Back the Night. We accept applications for new membership at the beginning of each semester.
Mackenzie Mulligan-Buckmiller -     

Amnesty International is an activist organization with members from around the world, all standing up for humanity and human rights.  Our purposes is to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.  We investigate and expose human rights abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help to transform societies to create a safer, more just world.  Our vision is of a time in which every person - regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, etc - enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.
Meaghan Berns (S) - and  
McKenna Asakawa (S) -

GlobeMed at Colorado College works to raise awareness on campus regarding global health issues. We hope to provide an environment for students to come together to discuss current issues in the field and the work being done to address these problems. Additionally, GlobeMed at CC is partnered with the Western Organization for People Living With HIV/AIDS (WOPLAH) in Western Kenya. WOPLAH works to address the pain and suffering of those living with HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya through a variety of income-generating and educational programs. GlobeMed is committed to raising funds through campaigns and fundraisers on campus in order to support WOPLAH's work. Additionally, GlobeMed at CC is proud to be sending an intern to Kenya for the second time this summer, in order to further strengthen our partnership with WOPLAH. 
Maggie Dillon -

EnAct, the oldest student group on campus, began after Earth Day 1970. EnAct serves as a forum to raise environmental and social awareness through research, education, and action at CC and within the Colorado Springs community. 
Leo Stout and Laurel Sebastian

SOCC -As Colorado College’s entirely student run radio station, we strive to provide quality music, news, talk, and arts programming to the various constituencies that we serve (students, members of the greater Colorado Springs community, alumni, parents, prospective students, etc.), while simultaneously offering student DJs a unique and infinitely adaptable medium of personal expression. In addition to our on-air activities, we aspire to become the hub of Colorado College’s on-campus music scene, providing events for student bands through to larger touring acts.
Teo Price-Broncucia -

SPILL (Student Peers in Laid-back Listening, is an online forum where students share grievances, annoyances, or whatever's on their minds and receive feedback from other students. Localizing SPILL at Colorado College has allowed the option for direct online connection between CC students.

The CC Spill team is also working to induct CC as a chapter of a similar organization, Active Minds. This nationwide organization is based around the destigmatization of mental illness. Active Minds organizes events promoting wellness, as well as education around the prevention, symptoms, and prevalence of mental illness.
Anne S Schwartz (S) -

The Colorado College Food Coalition hopes to bring together the knowledge, energy, and ideas of CC students interested in food justice and food-related issues both on and off campus. We act as a link between groups and individuals on campus, and between students and Colorado Springs community partners by providing the resources and support for organized networking. Through this model, we can include and effect more interested individuals in the area and create more momentum addressing food issues. If you're looking for a way to put your passion for food into action, we encourage you to attend our Community Meetings, held once a block, to learn more about the CC Food Co and to start getting involved! 
Sophie Javna (S) -

The College Republicans is an organization that strives to foster an understanding of the principles of conservatism on the Colorado College campus. Throughout the year, the club hosts many events and sponsors speakers to inform students about a differing political opinion. During our meetings, we discuss/debate current political issues, work on group initiatives, such as a campus diversity report, and meet with local elected officials. We recently began a partnership with the El Paso County GOP, where we assist with state and local elections and discuss voter outreach in the CC community. The College Republicans also partners with the CC Democrats to host lectures and produce a bipartisan newspaper called the "Purple Paper”.  
Davis Tutt (S) -

Religious life at Colorado College: Let’s face it—finding a spiritual path can be a challenge…but it can also be an adventure! is as varied as our community is diverse. CC is a great place to be a seeker as well as a tremendous resource to deepen your faith. Spirituality can ground us in a way that offers meaning and wholeness in an otherwise turbulent world. At other times, it can shake us loose from our complacency and open us to new horizons.

We love to encourage folks in their spiritual journeys to encounter the sacred, and we also promote ethical engagement with those in the community. We’re available to meet with you personally to talk more about spiritual life at CC or listen to what’s on your mind. Just stop by the main office in Shove Chapel or contact -

Cool Science:  We are a home-grown, volunteer-based nonprofit dedicated to exposing, inspiring and engaging people in the Pikes Peak region with the wonders of science in the everyday world. We provide fun, interactive, intimidation-free science programs for a variety of schools, clubs and groups. 
Ellen Levish (S) -


Whether you’re celebrating your thousandth orgasm, hoping for your first, cheering on your partner, or struck in anyway by the word “orgasm,” you’re welcome to foster the increase of sexual autonomy and sexual communication on campus by promoting modifications to our hook up culture to make it more dynamic, diverse, and fulfilling, both sexually and emotionally for students of all sexualities. Join us in our goal of orgasm advocacy on campus through discussion, speakers and events to make Colorado College a more orgasm filled place.

Life's too short to not orgasm every day!

OrgasmiCC is open to any self-identified appreciator of orgasms. Join us on Wednesdays at 5:00 in Upstairs Worner!

Co-chairs: Ann Stimson (S) -;
Savannah Johnson (S) - and 
Maeve O’Connor-Bethune (S)-

The Luso-Brazilian Club provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with the language and culture of Portuguese speaking countries through weekly Portuguese practice groups, movie screenings, cookouts, and other events.  
Ross Valdez-Welk (S) -

The CC Investment Club teaches members about about finance, business, and investing as we manage over $40,000 on behalf of Colorado College.
Eli Greenspan (S) -

Fly Fishing Club  The Fly Fishing club aims to attract, educate, and unite anglers and students who wish to learn more about the sport. We offer all the gear and knowledge necessary to make fly fishing a possibility for anyone. We offer scheduled trips once a block, along with events including fly fishing films, fly tying sessions, and opportunities to pursue fly fishing through our supporters Trout Unlimited and Angler's Covey. Tight Lines! 
Brooks Pinnick (S) -

Student Alumni Association (SAA) The mission of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is to strengthen student’s lifelong loyalty to CC by providing opportunities that instill school pride, cultivate relationships between students, alumni and the CC community and give back or pay it forward to future generations.

Catalyst Newspaper - We are Colorado College's independent student newspaper. Come write, design, or take photos for us and get PAID! 
Jack Sweeney (S) -

Hillel represents the Jewish social organization at Colorado College and is responsible for organizing holiday activities, social events and educational opportunities for Jewish students. Hillel helps students celebrate most major holidays, hosts a Shabbat dinner every Friday, and ensures the presence of Jewish culture on campus.  Anyone interested in Judaism or Jewish culture is invited to join. We are a primarily "cultural" organization and do not exclude non-Jews or non-practicing Jews from our events. 
Rachel Tauber (S) -

Equestrian Team We are a Hunter/Jumper equestrian team open to riders of all levels. The experience of present team members ranges from those who have never ridden a horse before college to those who have competed nationally. For the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, we compete against 10 other schools in Hunt-Seat Equitation.  Along with competitions we have regular lessons at MM Equestrian Center, movie nights, and fundraisers. 
Amanda Cormier (S) -

Pre-Veterinary Club    We are on an offshoot of the Pre-Health Professions Club.  We work with pre-veterinary students to ensure they have all of the pre-requisites for veterinary school along with students are just interested in animals.  Jane Byrnes, the pre- health professions advisor, works with us closely to ensure we will be prepared for veterinary school. We have regular speakers come from different animal professions and we provide volunteer opportunities at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Front Range Equine Rescue. 
Amanda Cormier (S) - 

Tesla is an alternative high school in Colorado Springs that "encourages students and staff to become positive, productive citizens" by "honoring individual needs". Many of the students enrolled at Tesla are unable to attend a traditional high school for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, these same students often lack positive role models in their lives. Therefore, our goal, as volunteers, is to be there for them as a mentor, guide, and overall positive influence in their lives. We will accomplish this goal during monthly visits where we will introduce the students to the outdoors and Colorado Spring’s beautiful surroundings. Although living in Colorado Springs, many of them have never been able to explore these areas. 
William Cohn (S) -

CC Film Union- The Colorado College Film Union is a student organization dedicated supporting and facilitating filmmaking and film appreciation on campus. We help support CC film students with their shoots and ideas, curate different student films to bring them to a wider audience, and host fun film screenings. We put on the annual CC Film Fest every year to screen a variety of the quality student films that are made each year. 
Benjamin Grund (S) -

The Colorado College Food Coalition hopes to bring together the knowledge, energy, and ideas of CC students interested in food justice and food-related issues both on and off campus. We act as a link between groups and individuals on campus, and between students and Colorado Springs community partners by providing the resources and support for organized networking. Through this model, we can include and effect more interested individuals in the area and create more momentum addressing food issues. If you're looking for a way to put your passion for food into action, we encourage you to attend our Community Meetings, held once a block, to learn more about the CC Food Co and to start getting involved! 
Sophie Javna (S) -

Relay for Life -The journey to end cancer starts with a single step. Colorado College and the American Cancer Society invite you to take that step with us by joining the global Relay For Life movement. When you walk to end cancer with us at CC's Relay event, it's your opportunity to not only honor cancer survivors and remember loved ones lost, but also to raise awareness about what we can do to stay well and fight back against cancer.
Jane Finocharo -

SOMOS (Spanish for “we are”) believes that community involvement and education are the avenues for change in our society. SOMOS invites any CC students interested in Latino/Latina culture or pertinent issues to join us. Our mission is the educational, cultural, political and social empowerment of the Latino people. We aim to retain the Latino identity and further cultural awareness by bringing students together through our hosting of on campus events. Some events that we host are Día de los muertos, Noche de Ritmos, Hispanic Heritage Month, movie screenings, bbq's, etc. We meet every Wednesday at 6pm in the Butler Center.
Amairani Alamillo (S) -                                                           

AASU's objective is to increase awareness of Asian students' presence in our community, provide social, cultural, and political haven for Asian Americans (and any others who are interested), and represent the concerns, ideas, and views of the Asian American students of the college and reflect the general sentiment of Asian society on our campus.
Brian Heng (S) -

Pre-Law:  We are a club that helps students with their decisions about law school.  We do this by inviting speakers to campus to talk about a variety of topics pertaining to the application process through career options with a JD.  We don’t have regular meeting times, so please make sure you are on the mailing list for important announcements.    
Gretchen Wardell -

BreakOut sends out student led volunteer trips on Saturdays, block breaks, and Spring break. Whether you want to get out for a weekend or spend a block break volunteering, BreakOut hosts a variety of trips, from organic farming in New Mexico, to working with rescued wolves in Colorado, to working at a homeless shelter in Alamosa, Colorado. Best of all, BreakOut trips are open to everyone on campus! Margaret Wolf &Skylar Trieu      

Early Birds:  Interested in being a mentor? Like kids? Through Early Birds you will get a chance to tutor students at Bristol Elementary School. This is a great volunteering opportunity for people who are busy in the afternoons because we volunteer two-three times a week in the mornings (7:15-8:15). You will be helping students who need extra support with their homework in math and reading.   
Margaret Wolf

Club Ski Team:  We don't train and only race because the mountains are just a little too far for trips during the week.  We have races at Winter Park, Loveland, Telluride, and Powderhorn.  It's a combination of Slalom and Giant Slalom races.  It's only a few weekends during block 5.  The team is limited to 10 people.  We have a short season, but since the team is so small we have a lot of fun traveling together!   Madde Burnham

Phi Gamma Delta: Helping individuals to better develop an authentic Self and enact positive change in the community! 
David T Wright -

Twit is the resident improv troupe at Colorado College. A division of the student theater production group Theater Workshop, Twit puts on an improv show the fourth monday of every block in Taylor Theater. With an auditioned cast of 8 to 12 improvers, Twit is the place to be if you are serious about improv/creating entire universes and conjuring characters from thin air in front of hundreds of people who think it's hilarious.  
Jammes Dineen (S) -

Ellement is Colorado College's all-female a cappella group, started in 1991. We love to sing, and we love each other! We arrange all of our songs together, all by ear. We are always happy to perform - our main contact person is junior
Anne Schwart -

Room 46 is Colorado College's co-ed a cappella group. We range from 10-15 members each semester and sing mostly pop songs but are open to all genres! We perform at a variety of gigs and venues throughout the academic year, including our bi-annual end of semester concerts. We encourage everyone to audition for us in the fall!