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Course Management System (PROWL)

PROWL (Platform and Repository for On-Line and Web-Based Learning) is the Colorado College learning management system and is based on Moodle. The system allows faculty and groups to create secure online learning and community spaces for their students and other participants. 

What PROWL is not

      • A PROWL course is not the same as a website.
        • While a PROWL course can be accessed by guests and people off-campus, if you choose to let it be, PROWL courses are not easily found on the World Wide Web. PROWL courses will not be searchable through Google, for example.
      • PROWL is not a magic wand for online learning!
        • Any Learning Management System (LMS) is simply a tool. In and of itself, it holds no "pedagogical" answers or improvements. Like any tool, it can be used badly, or with creatively and ingenuity.
      • PROWL is not highly-customizable by end users.
        • While creativity and ingenuity can help create really interesting course-content and offerings in PROWL, if your on-line offerings required sophisticated customization, other web-development solutions are probably more appropriate.