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Librarians Assigned to FYE Courses: Fall 2013

Course Number Title Faculty Block 1 Faculty Block 2 Librarian
AN209/PC122 Cosmology and Place in the Southwest Gomez/Hilt Gomez/Hilt Harner/Lister
AS200/MU221 Asian Art and Music Bentley Levine Lawson / Stevens
BY101 Intro to Molecular Biology Lostroh/ Lang Lostroh/ Lang Harner
BY131 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Bertrand/Killian Bertrand/Killian Harner
CH107/CH100 General Chemistry 1/Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science Bower/Brasuel Bower/Brasuel Harner
CL115/GS101 Introduction to Classical Literature and Archaeology/Ancient Freedom and Authority Dobson Thakur Randall
CO100 Introduction to Comparative Literature Scheiner Scheiner Lawson
EN203 Tradition and Change in Literature: The Empires Strike Back Padilla Singh Lawson
EN203/FE 133 Tradition and Change in Literature: Ars Amatoria: Love, Society, and Literature Hayward Carlstrom Lawson
ES185/ES212 Theories of Race and Ethnicity Singh Harris Lawson
GS 101 Freedom & Authority Steck Steck Westerfield
FG110/206 Intro to Feminist Gender Studies/Women and the Body Lewis Olive Randall
FS215/FM102 Intro to Film Studies/Basic Filmmaking Krzych Haskell Lister
EN 280/ED 250 Tales out of School/The Aims of Education:Theories and Representations of Education and Schooling Dubreuil Freeman Lawson
GY140/EV128 Physical Geology/Introduction to Climate Change Siddoway Leonard Harner
HY 104 Culture, Society, and History Ashley Ashley Westerfield
HY120 The American Past Rommel-Ruiz Rommel-Ruiz Nelson
JA130/JA101 Japanese Culture/Japanese Language Ericson Ericson Lister
MA151 The World of Numbers Wilson Anderson Nelson
MU182 Emotion and Meaning in Music Grace Banagale Stevens
PC123/PC124 Scientific Revolutions Whitten DiCenzo Harner
PS101/MU227 Great Ideas in Politics and Music Cronin, Tom Cronin, Tania Sielaff / Stevens
PS115/EN215? Concepts of Freedom from Ancient to Modern Times Fuller/Simons Fuller/Simons Sielaff / Lawson
PS203/HY 200 (Blk 1) The Search for Islamic Order : Yesterday and Today Lee Lee Sielaff
PY101 Introduction to Psychology: Enduring Ideas and Present Principles Horner Roberts Harner
RS200/RU101 Russian Lang, Lit, Film/Elementary Russian Pavlenko Pavlenko Lawson
SO100/SO235 Thinking Sociologically/Sociology of the Family Murphy-Geiss Murphy-Geiss Westerfield
SP101 Beginning Spanish Bizarro Kathy Bizarro Kathy Lawson
SP304/305 Advanced Spanish Bizzaro Sal Bizzaro Sal Lawson
SW175 The Southwest: An Introduction Guerra Guerra Lister
TH/DA100 Ritual, Theatre, Performance Carlstrom Platt Lawson

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