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Class of 2017

It is my pleasure to introduce the Class of 2017! Chosen from the largest applicant pool in the history of the college, the class is made up of 524 individuals who are talented in a myriad of ways. Beyond the statistical profile chronicled in this publication, they are intellectually curious, determined, and accomplished inside and outside of the classroom. We are also very proud to include students from 44 states and 31 countries. More than a third of the class are non-U.S. citizens or self-identify as students of color and this cultural diversity enriches our community.

The class also includes artists, athletes, community servants, poets, and scientists, as well as many students who have made powerful contributions to their schools, neighborhoods, and communities. We expect them to do the same while at CC. We have included profiles of eight incoming students and their stories to allow you to get a better sense of the types of students who choose CC and why.

Mark J. Hatch, Vice President for Enrollment

Geographic Diversity of the Class of 2017

Admitted Student Profile

The Enrolling Fall Class

  • 46% men
  • 54% women


  • 28% American ethnic minorities
  • 7% international (citizenship based)
  • 4% dual citizens
  • 44 states and 31 countries

Admission Rates

Early Decision 36%
Early Action 29%
Regular Action 12%
Applicants 5,778
Overall Admission Rate 1,291 (22%)
Enrolling 524

Admitted Student Test Scores

Admitted fall students’ median test scores

ACT 32
SAT composite (1600 scale) 1390
SAT composite (2400 scale) 2080

Admitted Student Class Rank 

For the 30% of admitted students with official class rank

28% in the top 1%
59% in the top 5%
76% in the top 10%
96% in the top 25%