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Maxime Robillard '11

Assistant to the Director of Strategy at ExtraExtra

Studio Art Major
What are you up to now?

“I work at ExtraExtra, which is an experiential marketing and creative consultant company that is part and parcel with PAPER magazine, in New York City. Outside of work, I am always working on my own music. A recent project of mine has been composing songs for a friend’s fashion promo video.”

Future aspirations?

“There is a 90 percent chance I will be going to Copenhagen in the fall to intern at Hotel Pro Forma, an experimental theater and art installation group. Later in life, I want to build my own recording studio in Vermont. I want to have a positive impact on a lesser-known place, put it on the map, and revamp its economy in a sustainable way.

Block Plan benefits?

I feel well rounded, honestly, and confident that I could go in many directions. Sometimes I hear people say 'I could never do that. I didn’t go to school for that. I don’t know anything about that so it’s not for me.' To that, I say you can often translate experiences and expertise/knowledge from one arena to the next and it’s never too late to learn!”