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Erik Rieger ’12

Co-editor of American Alpine Journal

Philosophy Major

"I began writing for the Colorado College Alpine Journal as a way to fuse my passions for writing and climbing. Working with the American Alpine Journal is the dream job for me.

While I pursued a philosophy major, I took classes in such a wide variety of disciplines that I can go into this job confident in my editing and writing skills as well as the research skills I picked up in science courses. When entering the job market this is really important.

Block breaks allowed me to go anywhere imaginable every three weeks — they are the climber's dream! Last spring I went to the Canyonlands in Utah to climb remote desert towers. The moment I arrived, packed in a burly truck full of CC kids and climbing gear is something I will never forget. We succeeded in climbing two huge sandstone towers. When I arrived at the top there were five CC students standing naked on top of the world!"