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Adam Kretz '08

Third-Year Law Student at Stanford Law School, San Francisco

Political Science Major
PIFP 2008-09 Fellow, Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute

“I am currently in my third and final year of law school at Stanford Law School. Here, I serve as the editor-in-chief of the Stanford Law & Policy Review, a student-edited journal that publishes pieces examining the intersection of law and public policy.”

Key milestones?

“After I graduated from CC, I was awarded one of the college's public interest fellowships (PIFP) to work at a Colorado nonprofit called the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute. There, I got to be involved in statewide campaigns, policy research, and lobbying the state legislature on ways to change Colorado tax and fiscal policy to better protect and provide for low-income residents. It was a wonderful opportunity, and, true to CC form, something I had literally never studied before accepting the job! I was encouraged to go out and do something that could make a difference, and CC's PIFP program provided me the chance to do it.”

I learned to engage with others' opinions (and, perhaps more importantly, learned not to be ashamed to be persuaded by someone and change my own beliefs).

Future aspirations?

“After I graduate law school, I will start working as a litigation associate at a law firm here in San Francisco called Arnold & Porter. It's a law firm that has a longstanding tradition of public service: originally in defending those brought before Joe McCarthy's Committee of Unamerican Activity during the "Red Scare" of the 50s, and now in fighting to end the death penalty, legalize marriage equality across the country, and fight voter disenfranchisement. Eventually, I would like to spend some part of my professional career working in LGBT rights, most likely helping make the world better for LGBT youth.”

Block Plan benefits post-CC?

Being a lawyer is much, much easier after studying on the Block Plan—I think it's the single best thing you can do to prepare for law school and the profession. I've learned an incredible ability to focus, something I definitely did not have before I came to CC. I learned to engage with other's opinions (and, perhaps more importantly, learned not to be ashamed to be persuaded by someone and change my own beliefs). I've become more confident in my written and verbal communication... I've learned to stay intellectually curious, and that the one thing that I'm focusing on right at this very moment shouldn't be the only thing that I'm thinking about.”