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Theatre & Dance Department 

2012-13 Theatre Course Grid

ProfessorBlock 1Block 2Block 3Block 4Half BlockBlock 5Block 6Block 7Block 8

Gypsy Ames




TH 218 Costume Design

(CAC 308)


TH 340 Devised Realities

(CAC 308)


  Design The Icarus Play
(Studio A)  
      design Faculty Dance concert 

 Design Angels in America

(Studio A)  

Marie Davis-Green

WSD exhibition


TH 240 Environmental Design for Performance

(CAC 321)

TH/DA 110 Fundamentals of Performance Design

(CAC 321)


TH 340 Devised Realities

(CAC 308)

TH 210/FM 214
Intermediate Design for Performance

(CAC 308)


    Design The Icarus Play(Studio A)          Design Angels in America

Idris Goodwin

Direct The Icarus Play

(Studio A)


TH 300/EN 286

Topics: From the Fringe to the Spot Light

(CAC 301)

TH 200/EN 286

Hip Hop Aesthetics

(CAC 308) 

Tom Lindblade



TH 223/CO 220/EN 280
Modern Theatre

(CAC 301)

TH 105
Acting I

(Flex room)


TH 200/CO 200

Topics: Good and Evil

(CAC 302)


TH 221/

CO 200/EN 280
Medieval and Renaissance Theatre

(CAC 301)

                Direct Angels in America 

Andrew Manley


TH 200 Topics: Solo Performance

(Studio A) 


TH 105
Acting 1

(Studio A)

Direct Macbeth


 Direct Macbeth

(Studio A)

TH 200
Acting & Directing for the Camera (Studio A) 
    TH/DA 304/FM 311
Advanced Performance  (Studio A)
TH 330
Performance Away: London 
TH 205
Acting II Adjunct (Studio A)



Ryan Platt

 TH 224/CO 200

Contemporary Performance

1950 to Present

(CAC 301)

 TH/DA 100 FYE
Ritual, Theatre Performance

(CAC 302) 


 TH/DA 329/CO 352/FM 207/FG
Queer Performance and Body Politics

(CAC 302) 


Paul Martin

TH 101
Stagecraft Practical
(CAC shop)


Julian Plaza

       TH 211 
Speech Arts (CAC 302) 
        TH 211
Speech Arts (CAC Armstrong) 

Brian Hapcic

Lighting Design:The Icarus Play(Studio A)


Jane Spencer


Lighting Design: Macbeth

(Studio A)


Lighting Design:

Faculty Dance Concert

 Lighting Design Angels in America

Katherine Carlstrom

Ritual, Theatre Performance(CAC 302) 

Lisa Hughes


TH 220
Origins and Early Forms of Theatre:

Crisis in Athens: Tragedy, Comedy and Wealth/



Marcia Dobson

            TH 220/CL 219
Origins & Early Forms of Theatre (CAC 302)

Laurence Kominz


TH/DA 200/JA/PA 250
Performing Kabuki
(Celeste Theatre)