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Block Schedule

Courses This Block (Block 2, 2014)

PH201  History of Modern Philosophy (FYE course, blocks 1-2)  Hernandez-Lemus

PH203  Topics in Philosophy: Media and Psychoanalysis  Krzych

PH301  20th Century Analytic Philosophy  Daly

PH303  Advanced Topics in Philosophy: Humans and Other Animals  Hourdequin

PH303  Advanced Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Religion After Nietzsche  Davis (visiting professor)


Courses Next Block (Block 3, 2014)

 PH101  Greek Philosophy  Daly

PH 201 History of Modern Philosophy (blocks 3-4) Lee

PH280  Philosophy East & West  Hourdequin

PH360  Philosophy and Psychoanalysis  Riker

PH361  Philosophy of Emotions  Furtak