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Geology Department 2013-14 Course Grid

ProfessorBlock 1Block 2Block 3Block 4Half BlockBlock 5Block 6Block 7Block 8


9/2-9/25 9/30-10/23  10/28-11/20  11/25-12/18  1/6-1/16  1/20-2/12  2/17-3/12  3/24-4/16 4/21-5/14


On Sabbatical



Chair GY445 Regional Studies non-teaching GY211 Rocky Mtns as a Chemical System  

GY405 Research Topics in GY

GY335 Geochemistry of the Rock Cycle non-teaching GY140 Physical Geology


non-teaching FYE EV128 Intro to Global Climate Change GY405 Research Topics in GY non-teaching   South West Studies South West Studies SWS395 Junior Research Seminar GY320 Surface Processes & Geomorphology


GY305 Stratigraphy & Sedimentation GY140 Physical Geology non-teaching GY405 Research Topics in GY   GY400 Senior Seminar NSF block non-teaching GY205 Historical Geology


GY140 Physical Geology GY140 Physical Geology GY250 Economic Geology non-teaching   GY310 Igneous Petrology non-teaching GY250 Planetary Geology GY140 Physical Geology


FYE GY140 Physical Geology GY445 Regional Studies non-teaching GY315  Structural Geology   GY405 Research Topics in GY GY212 Rock Mtns as a Physical System non-teaching GY250 Rocks & Ruins



GY250 Hydrology    Zion Klos

      GY308 Introductory Geophysics  



GY140 Physical Geology   Darren Larsen

GY100 Narratives of Climate Change Caroline Alden       GY140 Physical Geology     Betsy Friedlander  


  Homecoming 10/10-13  GSA Conference   10/27-30    Denver  AGU Conf        12/9-13         San Francisco, CA       Geology Day