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Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma IotaInternational Foreign Language Honor Society

Phi Sigma Iota recognizes outstanding ability and high standards of students and faculty of foreign languages, literatures and cultures (including classics, linguistics, philology, comparative literature, ESL, bilingual education, and second language acquisition). It is the highest academic honor in the field of foreign languages. Phi Sigma Iota has initiated over 60,000 members since its foundation in 1917, and it has created and supports numerous scholarship programs.
Requirements for membership:

  • Major or Minor in one of the above fields;
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher and
  • Junior standing or above.

For further information, contact Prof. Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez

2013 Phi Sigma Iota Members

Andrea Tudhope
Anna Tinnell
Matthew Weidner
Rebecca Carper
Hannah Wear
Mariell Dick-Valdez
Gabrielle Lyng
Madeline Scherer
Jessica Worley
Kiko Sweeney
David Wright
Juliet Gordon
Elizabeth Luttrell
Will Heberlein
Thomas Weaver
Julia Pendleton-Knoll
Cody Kornack
Emma Barnosky 




2012 Phi Sigma Iota Members

Wyatt Miller
Samantha Ford
Katherine Lynch
Jennifer Myers
Michiko Whitten
Madison Stuart
Camille Tallichet
Margaret Brockland
Stephen Gayle
Sendi Estrada
Sarah Hutcherson
Alyssa Wisler

 2011 Phi Sigma Iota Members

Lindsay Chan
Nate Eberhart
Margaux Frank
Ronit Mor
Marcella Morgan
Kathleen Senn
Molly Morman
Scott Green
Emily Perkins
Adrienne Wohl
Katy Touysinhthiponxaye
Greg Collette
Garrick Sherman
Jacqueline Tilden
Oliver Heitkamp
Claire Tucker
Katherine Santulli
Keita Moore
Katherine Lisbona

2010 Phi Sigma Iota Members

Ben LaBadie
Jamie Apodaca
Susanna Walsh
Albab Seifu
James Hobbs
Jordan Flanders
Elizabeth Richards
Marissa Rivera
Lisa Ly
Emily Parenteau
Stephanie Coba Chavez

2009 Phi Sigma Iota Members

Margaret Boissard
Preston Brasch
Madeline Bundy
Eric Corliss
Melissa DeSole
Brian Dito
Virginia Dreux
Sarah Eckstat
Elaine Frenette
Michelle Fritsch
Anais Gude
Elizabeth Ludwig
Matt Melloy
Keita Moore
Molly Moran
Michelle Olson
Lauren Rauch
Maria Rodriguez
Molly Roe
Alison Rogers
Charlotte Santmier
Austin Smith
Jennie Vader
Jane White
Katherine Zick
Julie White

2008 Phi Sigma Iota Members

Giancarlo Bizzarro
Mariya Connors
Erin LeFils-Shaw
Patricia Rios
Jane Roberts
Lynne Stahl
Garrick Storgaard
Bowen Teuscher
Courtney Winn
Michelle Gonzalez
Lauren Gutstadt
Aaron Gutierrez
David Keefe
Meghan Quinn
William Pew
William Blaustein
William Hine-Ramsberger
Meghan Lynch
Daniel Greer
Scott McCulloch
Keir Smith
Cara Losacco
Alice Gallmeyer
Tara Moncure
Jessica Jordan
Monica Martinez
Katherine Schulze