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Genevieve Love

Associate Professor, Chair

My specialty is the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, particularly in performance; I teach Shakespeare, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Renaissance Drama, Introduction to Poetry, and LGBT Literature. In my research and writing, I often focus on the problem of “liveness” on the early modern stage: I am interested in how the power of live theater might enable, or indeed depend upon, the staging of loss or absence. My recent publications include “Shakespeare and Performance” in Literature Compass, “Performance Criticism Without Performance: the Study ofNon-Shakespearean Drama” in NewDirections in Renaissance Drama and Performance Studies, and “Going Back to that Well: Richard II’s ‘Deposition Scene’” in Richard II: New Critical Essays.


Regular Classes

Milton’s Paradise Lost
Shakespeare’s Tragedies
Introduction to Shakespeare
Renaissance Drama
Queer Theory
Lesbian & Gay Literature
Blake Reading Milton Reading Blake
Shakespeare's Histories
Performing Renaissance Drama (taught in Edinburgh, Scotland) 


    B.A. Wesleyan University 1996
    M.A. Cornell University 1999
    Ph.D. Cornell University 2002