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Classics Majors


Christa Boisen - 2014 (CL)

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska. Christa's most interesting adventure so far has been trying to avoid hippos while paddling around the African Okavango Delta in a mokoro, or dugout canoe! 



Gaelle Delisle - 2015 (CL)

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland. Gaelle's favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and her dream job would be a

Doctor specializing in infectious diseases. 




Andie Estella - 2015 (CL)

Hometown: Manilla Philippines. Andie has always been interested in Mythology, with Ancient Greece and Rome being her favorite time periods, so when she learned she could major in the Classics, she was very excited. She also loves the flexibility of being a Classic major, with the flexibility and varied subjects including: drama, history, culture, sports and sexuality!

You can read her blog here: 


Maria Gebelein - 2014 (CL) 

Hometown: Dedham, Massachusetts. Maria is double majoring in Art History as well as Classics. 




Will Heberlein - 2013 (CL)

Hometown: Westminster, Colorado. Will enjoys writing fiction, singing in Colorado College’s Chamber Chorus, and listening to progressive rock. He loves the CC Classics Department because of the people: “the professors are wonderful, always willing to help you out, and there’s a strong sense of community.” Will would like to continue his path and deepen his knowledge of the ancient world by studying history in graduate school.




Cody Kornack - 2014 (CHP) 

 Hometown: West Hills, CA. Cody also plays goalkeeper for Colorado College's women's soccer team. 





Jake O'Hare - 2014 (CHPJake O'Hare)

Hometown: Austin, TX.  Jake enjoys a wide variety of musical genres and is very interested in and involved with film.  In fact, his dream job is to be a documentary filmmaker in the area of history and/or archaeology.  He is inspired by a good book or movie, and his favorite book is Dance, Dance, Dance. 





Caitlyn MacCollum - 2015 (CL)

Caroline Margolies - 2015 (CL)

Alexandria Roma - 2013 (CHP)

Hometown: Colleyville, Texas. Allie considers coming to Colorado College her most interesting life experience so far, as it has allowed her to grow academically and personally, as well as allowing her to travel and meet fantastic people. During her senior year, she is focusing on her thesis, studying Norman Sicily with a focus on the reign of Roger II.



Ada Sochanska - 2014 (CHP)Ada Sochanska

Hometown: Northfield, IL. Ada loves how the professors in the Classics program get to know you on a personal level, and she was led to be a Classics major by the patterns and immense desire ancient cultures had to succeed in both love and war.  She practices yoga and works as a student athletic trainer, which has led her to exploring ancient boxers and the wrapping techniques they used for their wrists as her thesis topic.  Her dream job is to become a Doctor of Osteopathy.




Carly Stafford -2016 (CL)

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado. Carly has an adventure everyday. She lives with a physically and emotionally taxing neurological condition that affects her life everyday in positive ways! She chose to major in Classics because she enjoys seeing how certain values and traditions transcend through time to the present day. 






Kiko Sweeney - 2014 (CL)

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA. Kiko’s favorite pastime is skiing in the woods, and her dream job is to teach in a wilderness setting. She chose Classics as her major because she enjoys solving puzzles, and thinks the professors are awesome! Her thesis topic will be translating the passage on Envy in the Metamorphosis and producing a movie based on the story.





David Wright - 2015 (CL)David Wright

Hometown: Denver, CO. Part of the reason David chose Classics as his major was when he answered a question right; Professor Owen Cramer responded with, “You win the prize- 15 pounds of mustache wax!” He has enjoyed the personal relationship with the entire faculty, who are “brilliant and inspire intellectual curiosity in various academic fields.” His dream job would be a Classics Professor by day, and an Antiquity Brewing Company owner by night.  His thesis will explore alcohol and inebriation in the ancient world and its relation to a sense of place.