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Old Biology Major

Electron micrograph

Available only to students enrolled prior to fall 2011

I. 5 Core Courses*

  1. Two introductory units from BY105, 107, 108, and 109
  2. One of the following field courses: BY108 (only the course taught by Prof. Hathaway) 202, 203, 208, 410, or 412 courses taught on a regular basis OR certain other courses taught on an occasional basis, such as some Special Topics courses.
  3. BY210 (Cell Biology)
  4. BY361 (Molecular and Classical Genetics) 

*Students entering with a CC unit from AP or IB credit may count this as one of their introductory units.  This means you will need only 1 more introductory unit.  Students with two units of IB credit should discuss their situation with the Biology Chair.

Even if you do not have AP or IB credit, you may take a bypass exam for BY 105, BY 107, BY 108, BY 109 or BY 210 if you have a strong high school biology background.  Passing this exam excuses you from that requirement, but you will still need 9 Biology credits if you do not have AP or IB credit.

II. 4 Elective Courses

3 of the units must be at the 300 or 400 level and 3 units must have a “BY” designation
Anthropology: AN201, 202, 305
Biology: All Biology courses including those listed above except BY100, 102, 104, 210 and BY361
Chemistry: CH382
Environmental Science: EV422
Physics: PC151
Psychology: PY312, 412
Sport Science: SS203, 206, 300, 301, 302

A total of 9 units in Biology must be taken (or 8 units in Biology and 1 elective in another department).

Not more than a total of 2 units from BY309, 403, 409, 499, or independent study from off-campus programs can be used toward the biology major.  Not more than 1 unit of independent study from off-campus work can be used toward the biology major.

III. 3 units in Chemistry

Normally these would be Chemistry 107, 108, and 250.  Students testing out of one or more of the introductory units would take CH251 or CH210.  This decision would be made in consultation with the Advisor and Dept. Chair.

IV. 1 unit of Mathematics

One of the following: BY220, MA117 or 217, MA125, or 126 or 127.  Students who take both BY 220 and Calculus (MA 125 or 126) may count BY 220 as a lower level elective.  We strongly urge Biology majors to take BY220 as the most appropriate statistics course for the major. 

V.  2 Supplemental Units

Two units from one of the following groups:

Group 1: Chemistry 251, and one of 345, 351, or 382,
Group 2: Geology 130, or 140 and any Geology course requiring 140 as a prerequisite
Group 3*: Mathematics: MA128, 129, 203, 217, 220, 256, 315, 340, 417
Group 4*:  Computer Science 121, 222
Group 5:  Physics 141 and 142 OR 241 and 242

*Students may combine one course from Group 3 and one course from Group 4.

Courses that appear in one or more categories will not count for more than a single requirement (e.g. a course may not count both as an elective and to fulfill a field requirement).