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Renaissance Studies

Advisor — EVITT

The ideas, arts, letters, and institutions of Europe in the period between 1300 and 1700. Attention given to the continuities and differences between this period and its medieval predecessor. 5 units minimum. 

Category One — The Renaissance Context: Students should choose no more than two units from this category: AH112; EN207; MU150; HS120; HY105; PS103; RE130.

Category Two — Studies in the Classical Background to Renaissance Thought: CL/HY/PH116; HY213, HY216; CL216 (for two unit courses, 1 unit counts toward the minor).

Category Three — Aspects of the Renaissance (at an advanced level): Students must choose a minimum of two units: AH221, AH223; DR202; EN311, EN312, EN313, EN320, EN321, EN326, EN328, EN329; HY252, HY275, HY377; MU315; SP327, SP328.


A paper written in one of the last two courses of the minor and arranged among the student, the instructor, and the minor advisor.