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Financial Obligations

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for regular, full-time, degree-matriculated students includes instruction and supporting services. The Student Activity Fee (which is annually directed by students) for the 2013-14 year, provides increased funding for student organizations and free tickets to athletic events, including most hockey games.

Basic charges for the academic year 2013–14 are as follows:

Tuition and Fees $44,222 
Traditional Hall Room (double occupancy) $ 5,826
Meal Plan (Plan C) $ 4,486
Comprehensive Charge $54,534

Tuition and fees for the academic year are charged at the rate of $22,111 per semester and payable no later than one week prior to the beginning of each semester. The trustees of CC reserve the right, upon due notice, to change the basic charges and other fees.

In addition, students should budget at least $1,244 per year for books and supplies and $1,622 (non-Colorado residents)/$1,022 (Colorado residents) per year for personal/transportation.

Enrollment Expectation

All matriculated students are expected to be enrolled fulltime and making normal progress toward the degree unless the dean of students makes arrangements for an exception. Normal progress toward the degree is defined as earning at least three units/semester (two for first-years in their first semester) and six units/year (five for first-years in their first year). Failure to make normal progress may result in academic suspension and jeopardize financial aid.

Note: Students who enroll in three or more blocks during a semester are charged full tuition. There is no refund for taking one or two blocks off during the year. A student who must interrupt or reduce enrollment due to illness or other extenuating circumstances may seek approval from the dean of students for less than full-time status.

Special Students and Part-time Students

Tuition and fees are calculated differently for special students and preapproved part-time students. For special or part-time students taking two or fewer blocks/semester tuition and fees for individual blocks are charged at the per-block rate of $7370.33 each, roughly one-third of the semester rate. Adjunct courses (.25 unit of credit) cost $1,842.58/course. Extended-format courses (.5 unit of credit) cost $3,685.16/course. Audited courses cost the full tuition charge.

Tuition Payments

Charges for the academic year are payable in two equal installments due no later than one week prior to the first day of Block 1 (fall semester) and no later than one week prior to the first day of Block 5 (spring semester). The college offers semester payment-plan options through Sallie Mae Tuition Pay. These options allow flexible monthly payments, with no monthly interest and a small per semester enrollment fee. Miscellaneous charges assessed to the student account when using the Outside Payment Plan will need to be paid directly to Colorado College. Information concerning the payment plan is available from the student accounts office.

The college has the right to withhold the issuance of transcripts and suspend an enrolled student for financial indebtedness. Failure to meet financial obligations may also result in the account being sent to the college’s collection agency. Collection costs are assessed to accounts sent to the collection agency and owed by the debtor.

Music Lessons

Music lessons are offered to regularly enrolled students on a semester basis at $360 for 12 lessons. Introductory group lessons in piano, voice, and guitar are available for $60 per semester. All lessons are offered as adjunct courses and students earn .25 unit of credit per semester. Students may drop within the first block after two lessons and receive an 80 percent refund. No refund is possible after the first block of the semester. No refund is available if a student drops group lessons. Only music department staff can process enrollments and drop slips. Practice rooms and music lockers are available to students enrolled in lessons. A $10 per key deposit is required.

Study Abroad Fee

Students participating in a semester ACM program or an approved program will be assessed an administrative fee by the college. Those participating in a CC program or a CC exchange will not be assessed this fee (See section on international and off-campus study programs).

Admission Fees and Deposits

A nonrefundable fee of $60 must accompany students’ applications for admission, whether they are applying for admission as a regular student or as a graduate student.

A general-obligation deposit of $150 is required both of new students and students returning after interrupting college enrollment. This deposit is applicable to any room damages and other indebtedness to the college and remains on deposit as long as a student is enrolled. The deposit is forfeited by failure to provide notice of withdrawal by March 1 for the fall semester or by November 1 for the spring semester for enrolled students, or after acceptance of admission for new students.


A student who withdraws following up to two blocks of a semester, or receives an approved emergency leave of absence at any time during a semester, may qualify for a refund of tuition and fees based on the per-block rate. For example, after one block, two-thirds of the full semester charge is refundable, after two blocks, one-third is refundable. Meal plans are prorated based on the date of departure. Room charges are not refundable.

Students who are suspended, placed on forced leave of absence, or simply taking off a block are not entitled to a refund.

Requests for a refund should be made to the dean of students. Students have the right to appeal a decision concerning a refund to the Student Account Review Committee. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the dean of students’ office. The committee’s decision is final.


Current and former students of the college are allowed 10 free official transcripts per fiscal year. A $3 fee is charged for each additional transcript. Requests may be made by completing and submitting the transcript request form found online at

Overnight delivery service is available at $25 for one or more transcripts sent to the same U.S. address; higher international rates may apply. Contact the registrar’s office for details at